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Photo of the Week

Photo of the week.
Now, we know Hillary approved of the Russia-Russia-Russia deception. The big question is: Was it her idea in the first place? (I wouldn't be surprised.)

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I've discontinued the "Quote of the Week," but you
might enjoy looking through all the quotations I've
accumulated over the years. Click on the image above.

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Dot Covid-19. Some contrary information.
Dot A Few Questions.
Dot A Few Words about Black Lives Matter
Dot A Few Words about Diversity
Dot A Few Words about Reparations
Dot A Few Words about White Privilege
Dot A Look at Global Warming
Dot A Look at Islam
Dot Airport Security
Dot Al Gore's Big Announcement
Dot Alex in Wonderland
Dot Another Presidential Candidate
Dot Banned Words
Dot Hate
Dot Hillary, Was That You?
Dot I'd Like to Know
Dot I Used to Think . . .
Dot Internet Scam
Dot Janet and Jack
Dot Managed Spontaneity
Dot Marriage and Family
Dot Of Course You're a Racist
Dot The Beehive
Dot The Day America Died
Dot The Despicables Museum
Dot The Plan
Dot The Racism Hoax
Dot The Shepherd and the Beggar
Dot The Social Scene
Dot The Story of Christine
Dot The "What Makes Me Happy" Theory
Dot To Bring This Fine President Down
Dot Two Irrefutable Facts
Dot What Leftists Want
Dot What's Marriage?
Dot Updated Nursery Rhymes
Dot What's the Score?

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(A brief comment for this week.)


"Publish a complete list of the names of all kids under 18 killed by the COVID vaccines and a list of those killed by COVID itself (not 'with' COVID). You'll find that the first list is longer than the second list."


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Education and Propaganda

. Dot "Woke Agenda: NYC Schools Are Teaching Kids that White People Created Racism." Fomenting hate in the first days in school. And encouraging racism.
. Dot "Zoom Call Shows Teachers Scheming on How to Defy Parents' Requests on Kid's Gender and Birth Pronouns." Cultural Marxism at work.
. Dot "Middle School Reportedly Promotes Secret LGBTQ Club Where Kids Are Encouraged to Lie to Parents." Cultural Marxism at work.
. Dot "Crack Pipes in 'Safe Smoking Kits' Prove Psaki and Fact-Checkers Lied in Denials." We are foolhardy if we believe anything the government says. The government lies a lot, with lies big and small.
. Dot "Left-Wing Teachers Ditch Teaching to Indoctrinate Kids about Sex against Parents' Will."
. Dot "OUTRAGE: Middle School Students INVESTIGATED after Using Wrong Pronouns." Sheer craziness.
. Dot "WATCH: Joe Biden Not Radical Enough for Left-Wing Students."
. Dot "New 'White Student Accountability' Group Part of a Nationwide Trend." Cultural Marxism at work.
. Dot "Critical Race Theory Mandated in Nearly 80% of Top Medical Schools, Report Finds." Cultural Marxism at work.
. Dot "Why I Stopped Teaching." (A PragerU video.)
. Dot "Dishonorable: Air Force Cancels Four Top Students, Ask for Refund on Tuition Grants Because of this."
. Dot "Using 'Wrong' Pronouns Could Lead to Suspensions in Virginia Public Schools."
. Dot "VIDEO: Mother's Mic Cut at School Board Meeting while Reading Obscene School Assignment Allegedly Given to Her 15-Year-Old Daughter."
. Dot "School District Encouraged Philadelphia Teachers to Attend 'Banging Beyond Binaries,' 'BDSM' Conference." If this doesn't get your blood boiling, I don't know what will.
. Dot "Indoctrination: Why Are America's Top Medical Schools Requiring Critical Race Theory to Graduate?" Cultural Marxism at work.
. Dot "At Least 135 Teachers, Aides Charged with Sex Crimes so Far this Year, Majority against Students."
. Dot "Pro-Transgender Video for Kindergarteners Says a Doctor Can Make a 'Mistake' about a Baby's Gender. Clip Just Got Removed from Maine's Dept. of Education Website." How did it get there in the first place!?
. Dot "Pro-LGBT Group to Host Conference for Kids at a Church in Florida, Drag Show Included." Cultural Marxism at work.
. Dot "NYC Schools Teaching Kids Their 'AOCs' with Book that Idolizes 'Squad,' Mocks McConnell."

Global-Warming Nonsense and the Leftist Environmental Movement

. Dot "21 US Federal Agencies Are Analyzing the 'Environmental Damage' of Ukraine War." I can help the 21 agencies. Here's the answer: it will result in enormous damage.
. Dot "Study Turns up Surprising Way 'Green' Cars Pollute More than Gas-Powered Engines." Surprise!
. Dot "Sen. Rubio Says Democrats 'Want' Inflation and High Gas Prices." In other words, they don't give a darn about what Americans want or need.
. Dot "What's Wrong with Wind and Solar?" (A PragerU video.)

Government Run Amuck

. Dot "Biden Was Wrong Again as Taliban Force Women Back into Burkas & Home Confinement." And not a peep from women's rights groups here in the U.S.
. Dot "The Biden Administration Is Turning the Border into a Graveyard for Illegal Immigrants."
. Dot "'America last!' Florida Rep Says Biden Is Shipping Pallets of Baby Formula to Migrants at the Border." Biden is more concerned about illegals entering the country than America's patriotic and legal citizens.
. Dot "Bill to Let 12-Year Olds Get Vaccine without Parental Consent Passes State Senate."
. Dot "BREAKING: Elon Musk Calls out Biden's CHILLING New Plan."
. Dot "Crack Pipes for All! Psaki Lied and the 'Conspiracy' Is Pure Fact."
. Dot "Hammer: Biden Admin Seems to Be Engaged in a Cold War against the Entire American Citizenry." It certainly seems that way.

Joe Biden and Family

. Dot "Senator Scott Blasts Biden's Fitness for Office, Biden Immediately Shows It's a Legitimate Concern."
. Dot "Senator Kennedy on Biden Failures: 'Nothing Is Built, Nothing Is Back, Nothing Is Better'." Yup.
. Dot "Biden Cancels More Oil and Gas Leases as Fuel Prices Skyrocket." Just as Joe wants.
. Dot "Here's How Biden's Radical Rewrite of Key Civil Rights Law Will Fundamentally Change America." Cultural Marxism at work.
. Dot "Joe Biden Doesn't Give a Damn about Baby Formula or Anything Else."
. Dot "Audit Reveals Shocking Percentage of Biden's Twitter Followers Are Fake."
. Dot "Biden Crime Family: Why Hunter's Secrets Are REALLY about Joe."
. Dot "BREAKING: Joe Biden Sabotages America -- Sick Plan EXPOSED. . ."
. Dot "WOW: Biden Deporting Fewer Illegal Aliens Convicted of . . ."


. Dot "Pilot Becomes Incapacitated Mid-Flight -- so a Passenger with No Flight Experience Pulls a 'Mission: Impossible'." I like stories that have a happy outcome.
. Dot "#WordSaladKamala -- VP Harris: 'We Will Work Together. . . to Work Together as We Continue to Work'."

The Media, Including Social Media

. Dot "Mark Levin: Why the New York Times Is 'Worse than Fake News'."
. Dot "BREAKING: Twitter's Dark Secret Comes to Light -- Video Proves It's True."
. Dot "'The Typhoid Mary of Disinformation:' Nicolle Wallace. Nobody Spreads It More Relentlessly."

Must-Read (or Must-View or Must-Listen)

Star Star Star Star Star
. Dot "The Covid-19 Vaccination Massacre."
. Dot "Remdesivir 'Disastrous' as COVID Treatment, but Government Pays Hospitals to Use It."
. Dot "VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Imagine the Unimaginable." It's coming soon.
. Dot "New Film Alleges 2020 Was Stolen, 2000 Felonies Prove It." Donald Trump has been proven right once again. But, this is serious stuff. Vote fraud put an unelected man in the White House!
. Dot "Film '2,000 Mules' Offers Vivid Proof of Voter Fraud."

. Dot "How the Supreme Court Leak Keeps the Marxist Revolution Alive."
. Dot "The Biden Administration's 'Disinformation' Board Is a Tool Straight from Soviet Russia's KGB." Do you suppose it will benefit citizens . . . or harm them?
. Dot "What Do You Know about Money?" (A PragerU video.)
. Dot "New Study & Confidential Pfizer Docs. Prove COVID 'Vaccine Shedding' Has Been and Still Is Occurring with Dangerous Consequences." Wow! I didn't see that one coming.
. Dot "Dangers of the Incoming Digital ID System." Big Brother is here.
. Dot "THIS IS BAD: AG Merrick Garland Refuses to Enforce Laws Protecting SCOTUS." He should uphold the laws of the land, or he should quickly resign.
. Dot "Chinese Hackers Took Trillions in Intellectual Property from about 30 Multinational Companies." The CCP steals our secrets worth trillions, poisons our youth by the millions (with fentanyl), and kills millions around the world with the Wuhan Covid virus. And Biden wants to take tariffs off of products China buys from us.
. Dot "What's Happening in Africa, China, India, Mexico?"
. Dot "DOJ Officials Silent as Abortion Activists Illegally Target SCOTUS Justices."
. Dot "Global COVID Summit Declaration IV." The mainstream media probably won't report this.
. Dot "'Smoking Gun:' New Whistleblower Information Shows FBI Used Terrorism Tools to Target Concerned Parents."
. Dot "Everything You Need to Know about the World Health Organization's Orwellian Pandemic Treaty."
. Dot "Last Days of the Republic: Leftist Policies Could Push America to Its Breaking Point." Perhaps it's there already.
. Dot "65% of Americans Have Woken up, They Won't Take Any More Covid Injections."
. Dot "How Zuckerberg Used a Tax-Exempt Foundation to Help Biden Fix the 2020 Election." We now know how much it costs to buy an election.
. Dot "Putin 'Very Ill' with Blood Cancer Russian Oligarch Says; China's Xi Reportedly also Facing Health Issue." Looks like at least three world leaders have major health issues.
. Dot "Is the Coming Food Shortage Government Engineered? Part 1."
. Dot "We Were Warned. We Didn't Listen."
. Dot "A Vital Book You Must Read."
. Dot "Yuval Noah Harari | What to Do with All of these Useless People?" Is this the future the elite wish to saddle us with?
. Dot "Louisiana AG Investigation into 2020 Election Explodes, Confirms It Really Was Rigged." Yes, of course.
. Dot "WATCH: Undercover Video Catches Twitter Staff Admitting to EVERYTHING -- Elon Furious." Remarkable admissions.
. Dot "Executive Director of Biden's Ministry of Truth Resigns." Well, that was quick.
. Dot "DANGER: The WHO's Death Trap for the US." Biden is pushing it.
. Dot "Corruption of the WHO is the Biggest Threat to the World's Public Health of Our Time."
. Dot "WATCH: Michele Bachmann Urges, 'Melt the Phone Lines' over WHO Power Grab."
. Dot "Covid Truths: Tools of Indoctrination."
. Dot "Is the 'Great Replacement' Really Just a 'Theory?' No -- Americans Really Are Being Replaced with Migrants."


. Dot "Weekend Read: The Threat to Liberty Is Coming from inside the House."
. Dot "The Expose Blog." Topics perhaps of interest.
. Dot "Roe Destroyed Many Social Institutions that Are Unlikely to Return."
. Dot "US Farmland Increasingly Controlled by Foreign Investment." Do you know who is the largest farmland owner in the U.S.? That would be Bill Gates.
. Dot "After Biden Drains One-Third of Strategic Oil Reserves -- the American People's Gas Prices Hit New All-Time Highs." Is Biden utterly stupid, or is he intentionally working to destroy America? Or it it both?
. Dot "Senior Editor of British Medical Journal Voices Concerns to FDA over Integrity of Pfizer Trial Data."
. Dot "Study Finds Nearly a Quarter of Electric Car-Charging Stations Were Non-Functioning in Bay Area."
. Dot "Resurfaced Video of Pro-Mask Health Expert from 2018 Reveals the Real Reason for Mask Mandates."
. Dot "Fauci's Next Lockdown Victim: Free Speech."
. Dot "BREAKING: Fauci CRUSHED… Secret Email Changes EVERYTHING." I wonder how many millions of dollars Fauci received.
. Dot "BLM Movement Left Black Communities 'Worse off,' Experts Say: 'Criminals Have the Run of the Place'." Cultural Marxism at work.
. Dot "Red Alert: Ag Secretary Warns that '61,670 Farm Families in America Today . . . Are on the Brink'."
. Dot "Lawrence Jones Asks His Mom on Air Why She Chose to Have Him at 16, Her Answer Is Awe-Inspiring." Indeed.
. Dot "State Takes Action to Stop Deadly Drug."
. Dot "Watch this Activist Say Mothers Should Be Able to Abort Children after Birth -- Even at 2-Yrs-Old!"
. Dot "'Fetus = Good Snack:' Disturbing Images, 'Sick and Disgusting' Videos Emerge from Pro-Abortion 'Bans off Our Bodies' Rally in Phoenix."
. Dot "Fauci's Deadly COVID-19 Disinfo Had Devastating Effects."
. Dot "Dennis Prager: PolitiFact Is to Fact what Pravda Was to Truth."
. Dot "Crooks Steal Cash from Man, then a Day Later Break into His Home. But this Time Victim Shoots Two of Them Dead, Holds Other Two at Gunpoint until Cops Arrive."
. Dot "My Interview with American Airlines Pilot Bob Snow." "I wonder if the vaccine is causing all these incidents. I'm told they are safe and effective. But that's not what the data says."
. Dot "We've Never, Ever Seen Anything Like this: Food Industry Leaders Sounds off on Inflation, and What's to Come."
. Dot "No Joke Here: Turtles Safer in US than Unborn Babies."
. Dot "Red Alert: Breaking Dem Legislation Could End Gun Sales to All Current Firearm Owners Forever, Require DOJ License." Early step in the process of taking guns away from Americans.
. Dot "Latest CDC Data Confirms Fully Vaccinated 5 to 11-Year-Olds Have a Higher Covid-19 Infection Rate than Their Unvaccinated Peers."


. Dot "Ex-Dem Candidate Calls on Mob to Empty One Justice's House, 'Burn His Sh*t,' Says It's Not 'Legally' Violence." It's against the law to protest in front of a justice's house. Why isn't the law being upheld? Oh, and it's against the law for foreigners to enter the country illegally. Democrats don't uphold that law either. It's only laws they like that are upheld.
. Dot "Can We Take Back Our Election Process?" An interesting idea is presented.
. Dot "Garland Lied: Documents Show DOJ Labeled Anti-CRT Parents Terrorists." It's getting to the point where it's news when a Democrat tells the truth.
. Dot "Report: Joe Biden Instructing Staff to Shift to Campaign Mode."
. Dot "Scorched Earth: Are the Democrats Using January 6 Commission to Purge Republicans?" Obviously, they are.
. Dot "BREAKING: Democrats SURRENDER -- Election Bombshell Stuns America. . ."
. Dot "Is Biden's 'Success' Our Mess?" Biden is no friend of freedom. He's no friend of America.


. Dot "Brazilian Town Builds Jesus Statue Even Taller than 'Christ the Redeemer'."
. Dot "America's Church Leaders Now Wolves in Shepherd's Clothing."
. Dot "Texas Church Evicted after Pastor Criticized LGBTQ Mural in City Council Meeting."
. Dot "Church Unveils Event for Children Featuring Drag Queens."

Special Links . Star Star Star Star Star
A collection.

. Dot "Covid-19." Some contrary information. (And numerous links.)
. Dot "The Covid-19 Vaccination Massacre."
. Dot "Joe Rogan Interviews Dr. Robert Malone."
. Dot "Remdesivir 'Disastrous' as COVID Treatment, but Government Pays Hospitals to Use It."

. Dot "J6 Hysteria Is How Media and Other Democrats Are Avoiding Accountability for Their Rigging of the 2020 Election."
. Dot "Meet Ray Epps: The Fed-Protected Provocateur Who Appears to Have Led the Very First 1/6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol." The U.S. government is lying to us. It seems clear the January 6 protest was orchestrated by Democrats to demonize Republicans, and particularly Donald Trump. The Left has used the FBI to achieve its political objectives. America cannot stand if such scandal goes unpunished.
. Dot "Tucker Drops FBI Bombshell: Jan. 6 Organizers 'Were Almost Certainly Working for the FBI'."

. Dot "New Film Alleges 2020 Was Stolen, 2000 Felonies Prove It."
. Dot "Thousands of 'Ballot Mules' Delivered Tens of Thousands of Votes for Biden? NY Post Publishes Devastating Claims."
. Dot "Patrick Byrne: There's Enough Evidence to Decertify 3+ States."
. Dot "Secure the Vote -- Nothing Is More Iimportant!"
. Dot "Conservatives Buzzing after D'Souza Drops Must-See Trailer for Explosive Election Fraud Movie -- Watch."
. Dot "How the 2020 Election Was Stolen from Donald Trump."
. Dot "Rock Solid Proof of Election Fraud." Will this finally reveal all the election fraud?
. Dot "Courts Repeatedly Refused to Consider Trump's Election Claims on the Merits." There's a phrase that describes this: "Justice denied." And America's democracy may now be forever corrupted.
. Dot "Absolute Proof." Of election fraud during the November 2020 election. This is a two-hour video. I suggest you jump ahead to 1:36:17 to see the description of cyber attacks and how they affected the election outcome.
. Dot "Yes, It Was a Stolen Election." It is official: Biden did not win the election. Also: our country has been overwhelmingly corrupted by Democrats. They have thrown the idea of law and order right out the window.

. Dot "Climate at a Glance for Teachers and Students." An excellent resource!
. Dot "The Fraud of Climate Change and the Drive for Control." Have you even heard of Agenda 21?

. Dot "Glenn Beck: Here's How Biden's New Finance Report Is the 'Most DANGEROUS Movement in the World Right Now'." Things are getting very iffy.
. Dot "Open Letter to US Legislators from Dr. Li-Meng Yan." China is systematically destroying the United States of America. The Left is fine with that.
. Dot "What the Great Reset Will Really Do to You." It will make freedom a thing of the past.
. Dot "H.R. 127: A New Bill in Congress Would Literally End Your 2nd Amendment Rights Permanently." A major step in taking your freedoms away. A major step toward gun confiscation. A major step toward destroying America as you knew it. Biden and company are doing what we thought they would.
. Dot "The Anarchy on Our Streets Started in 2016, when the Democrats Renounced Democracy." So it is confirmed: Democrats have destroyed America.
. Dot "Obama's Coup Is Complete."

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Miscellaneous Image

Miscellaneous Image


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Perhaps of Interest

Perhaps of Interest


"And since China has had weaponized bio-vaccines stored in their military stockpiles for the last ten years, and can temporarily disable an enemy, kill specific races through genetic conversions, and be used as time bombs for swift elimination, I find it quite worrisome and suspicious that all of the Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers worldwide stepped away from traditional vaccines and developed vaccines that have the potential to do the very same dirty deeds as China's militarized bio-based vaccines."


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Dying Man's Wish

A man spoke to each of his three sons when he sent them to college. "I feel it's my duty to provide you with the best possible education, and you do not owe me anything for that. However, I want you to appreciate it. As a gesture of appreciation, please each of you, put $1,000 into my coffin when I die." And so it happened.

The sons became a doctor, a CPA, and a lawyer, each successful financially. When their father died and they saw him in the coffin, they remembered his wish. First, the doctor stacked 10 crisp $100 bills onto the chest of the deceased. Next, the CPA placed $1,000 there in 20 crisp $50 bills. Finally, it was Ralphie, the heartbroken lawyer's turn. He slowly reached into his pocket, removed his checkbook, wrote a check for $3,000, put it into his father's coffin, and took the $2,000 cash.

Ralphie is now in Congress, possibly from your district.

Received in an email dated May 19, 2022. Thanks, Steve.

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