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Photo of the Week

Photo of the week.
We now learn that "Lift Every Voice and Sing," the Black National anthem, will be performed at all NFL pre-game ceremonies, starting with the September 9th season opener. It's part of the NFL's social justice messaging initiative.

I'm anxious to learn when the performance of the Hispanic National anthem will be added to the ceremony. And the Gay National anthem. And the American Indian National anthem. And the Transgender National anthem. And the Polygender National anthem. And the Agender National anthem. And there are so many others. They're going to have to start the pre-game ceremonies the day before the game to fit them all in. Won't it be wonderful?

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I have decided to discontinue the "Quote of the Week."
However, you might enjoy looking through the quotations I've already accumulated.
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A Sampling of My Articles:

Dot A Few Words about Black Lives Matter
Dot A Few Words about Diversity
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Dot The Racism Hoax
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Dot To Bring This Fine President Down
Dot Two Irrefutable Facts
Dot What Leftists Want
Dot What's Marriage?
Dot What's the Score?

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(A brief comment for this week.)


There are those who are working relentlessly to remove systemic freedom from our county.

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Education and Propaganda

. Dot "Liberal School Tries to Compare Death Camps to US Prisons." The hate-America campaign marches forward.
. Dot "Fifth Graders Will Have Access to Condoms in Chicago Elementary Schools Next Month. One Parent Reacts: 'Oh My God . . . They Are Kids.'"
. Dot "At Least 30 School Districts Use Children's Book that Teaches 'Whiteness' Is an Evil Contract with the Devil." The book and author are amazingly racist.
. Dot "Wisconsin School District Provides 'Sexually Explicit' Books to Third-Graders; Material Teaches Students How to Use 'Sex Apps'."
. Dot "Library Apologizes for Hosting 'Rainbow Dildo Butt Monkey' to Entertain Children." What an outrage!
. Dot "NYC Principal Allegedly Conspired to Oust White Employees, Now Being Investigated after Faculty Fought Back."
. Dot "'Let Them Die!': PTA, NAACP Official Demonizes Parents against Critical Race Theory."

Global-Warming Nonsense and the Leftist Environmental Movement

. Dot "Background to the Wildlands Project." Published seven years ago, but still still applicable today.
. Dot "Bill Gates & Friends Fly Private Jets to Talk about Saving Climate."

Government Run Amuck

. Dot "U.K. and U.S. Embassies Get Flak for Flying Pride Flag in the Least-Thought out Place Imaginable." The US looks very stupid. Thanks, to Joe.
. Dot "San Jose Gun Control Measures Add New Meaning to 'Stupid,' Even by California Standards."
. Dot "Is This for Real? 'That's' What the FBI Listed as Key Evidence in Latest Capitol Hill Riot Arrest?"
. Dot "America Last: Biden Moves $860 Million to Fund Children of Illegals."
. Dot "Door-to-Door Vaccine Squad Instruction Pamphlet Actively Encourages Door Knockers to Have Attitude of a Dog and Brains of a Fish."
. Dot "U.S. Report: Navy Traded Combat Readiness for 'Woke Diversity'." The white flag has been raised and is waving.
. Dot "State Department Invites United Nations to Probe 'Systemic Racism' in American Policing." We already know what the report will say, because many UN representatives hate America just as much as some Americans do.
. Dot "White House Denies 'Spying' on Social Media, Says Users Sharing Misinformation Should Be Banned from All Platforms." It appears the federal government is now officially in the business of banning speech. "Freedom of speech" gone, without a whimper.
. Dot "White House Orchestrated Hunter Cover-Up."
. Dot "With $6 Trillion in COVID Relief, the Government Could Have Given Every Taxpayer $41,000."
. Dot "74,000 Ballots Returned with No Record of Ever Being Sent: Shocking AZ Audit Update." How can we ever believe election results again?


. Dot "The Horror of Teaching Critical Race Theory to Kids." (Video.)
. Dot "You'll Own Nothing and Be Happy!? -- The Great Reset." (Video.)
. Dot "DANGER! The Military Has Gone Woke!" (Video.)
. Dot "People that Wear a Mask in Their Car." (Video.)
. Dot "Why We Should Defund the Police!" (Video.)
. Dot "Wokecabulary -- Leftist Speech Translated!" (Video.)
. Dot "When the Biden Administration Knocks on Your Door. . ." (Video.)

The Media, Including Social Media

. Dot "New York Times Says the American Flag Is 'Divisive." It is divisive for all those who hate America.
. Dot "UFC Fight Night with Conor McGregor Is More Proof Election Was Stolen."
. Dot "Big Tech and the 'Single Point of Truth'."

Must-Read (or Must-View or Must-Listen)

. Star Star Star Star Star
. Dot "The COVID-19 Vaccine Kill Shot Heard around the World." This is so negative, you may wish to skip it. Is it true? I have no way of knowing.

. Dot "A Leftist War on Common Sense."
. Dot "Locking up American Property Rights."
. Dot "Tucker Carlson: Scientists Want to Use Human Engineering to Solve Climate Change." What could possibly go wrong?
. Dot "China Was Preparing for a Third World War with Biological Weapons -- Including Coronavirus -- SIX Years Ago, According to Dossier Produced by the People's Liberation Army in 2015 and Uncovered by the US State Department." For all we know, the Chinese may have a dramatically more deadly virus all ready for release right now. Or maybe two, or three, or more.
. Dot "'For the Sake of Our National Security:' GOP Congressman Demands End of CRT at Military Academies in Letter Calling for Professor's Removal." It's scary that the professor was able to teach CRT in the first place. Who allowed that to happen? That person should lose his job.
. Dot "The Genesis of Our American Collective Meltdown." I think this is a good summary of where things stand. The country is in deep trouble. Deep, deep trouble.
. Dot "'Sickening:' Viral Video Shows Boy Ripping American Flag from Yard, Flinging It to the Ground as Mom Watches." Every one of our enemies is laughing and jumping for joy, and dancing in the streets. America is destroying itself. China will rule the world. Soon.
. Dot "'Kamala's Kinko's Problem'."
. Dot "How Can We Stop National Heritage Areas?"
. Dot "What Did Fauci Know and When? His Emails Point to Panic, Lies, and a Possible Cover-Up."
. Dot "Trump Celebrates 'Beyond Incredible' News from Georgia: 'The Hand Recount Was Wrong by 60%'."
. Dot "'Reading the 1963 Communist Plan for America Is Like Reading the Headlines of Today' -- Chad Prather."
. Dot "Audit Team Reports 74,000-Ballot Discrepancy in Arizona Mail-in Votes." Say it -- all together now -- "FRAUD." And I suspect very few people are surprised.
. Dot "Ezekiel 'Mandate' Emanuel Strikes Again." I tend to believe health-care workers more than government politicians. I think health-care workers are much more concerned about public health.
. Dot "President Biden Is Using the FBI to Gaslight America." I believe the United States is experiencing one of its most dangerous periods in its history. American's freedom is on the line.
. Dot "La Quinta Columna: Analysis of Vaccination Vial Confirms Presence of Graphene Nanoparticles." I don't know what to make of this. Is it true? Is it false? I don't know. But I do know that much of what the government tells us is true, isn't.


. Dot "Kamala's Office Suffers Major Upheaval -- 22 Aides Have Accused Vice President Harris of Concerning Mistreatment." I think it's crystal clear Cacklin' Kamala is totally incompenant.
. Dot "What Do We Do about the Homeless?" (A PragerU video.)
. Dot "These Woke Firms Are Sponsoring China's Genocide Games."
. Dot "How China Sees It."
. Dot "Protecting a Critical US Navy Base from the Rising Threat of China."
. Dot "'Chestfeeding?': Inside the Left's War on Medical Terminology." When you control language, you control thought. The Left wants to do both.
. Dot "As America Recedes, China Rises." With so many Americans hating America, how can China fail?
. Dot "'We're Coming for Your Children:' San Francisco Gay Men's Choir Sings in Viral Video."
. Dot "Hypocrisy: Patrick Henry Community College Changing Name Even as Governor Recognizes Founder with Proclamation." To destroy a country, you must destroy its history. The Left is working hard at this.
. Dot "What Is the Great Resignation of 2021? (If You Don't Know, You'll Want to Read This)." Looks like this is a sign of more trouble on the horizon.
. Dot "Crackheads, Alkies & Meth-Heads -- Meet the Biden's." Imagine the explosive outrage if that was the Trump family. Democrats are never criticized. How nice to have a D after your name; you never have to say you're sorry. For anything.
. Dot "'We Know to Avoid You:' Black Lives Matter Chapter Declares American Flag 'A Symbol of Hatred'." It's about time BLM admits it is anti-American.
. Dot "Taking Forward President George H. W. Bush's Vision for U.S.-China Relations." What? I'm losing more and more respect for George HW Bush as each day passes.
. Dot "Foreign Leader Stunned as Biden Literally Kneels to the Ground and Bows to His Aide."
. Dot "New Evidence Indicates Enough Illegal Votes in Georgia to Tip 2020 Results."
. Dot "San Francisco Gay Choir: 'We'll Convert Your Children'."
. Dot "Bush Nonprofit Agreed to Take $5 Million from Chinese Communist Party-Connected Group: Report." Why do you suppose the communists are doing this? (More.) (Still more.)
. Dot "The Georgia Reform Law: Who Wants Fair Elections?" (PragerU video.)
. Dot "The Best Thing Most Americans Can Do to Make America Better."
. Dot "Moderna Rep Admits Everyone Is Part of Huge Experiment." (Half-hour video.)
. Dot "Majority of Physicians Decline COVID Shots, According to Survey by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS)."
. Dot "Inside the Risky Bat-Virus Engineering that Links America to Wuhan." What worries me is what viruses the Wuhan lab is working on now! Wuhan lab work is carried on with the participation of the Communist Chinese military. I understand work is under way to develop viruses that only affect people of certain races. Imagine what might happen if the Communist Chinese military gets its hands on that!
. Dot "China: The Most Evil of Evil Empires." Democrats love China. Some more than they love America.
. Dot "Former US Attorney Claims AG Barr Pressured Him Not to Investigate Voter Fraud." I don't understand what Barr gained by lying about vote fraud.
. Dot "Critical Race Theory Is a Complex -- Oh, Who Are We Kidding?"
. Dot "Biden Team Invites Cuba to Investigate and Critique US Human Rights Violation." I wish this was a joke. It isn't.


. Dot "The 3 Biden Scandals You're Not Hearing about."
. Dot "Biden Gets Busted over False Baseball Boast." Imagine how wonderful it would be if he just lied about baseball.
. Dot "Law Professor: It's Clear 'Hunter Biden Was Selling Access and Influence' and Joe Was Aware." Just one more lie.
. Dot "Watch: Proof Trump Tried to Protect the Capitol on January 6th." I believe Democrats intentionally withheld police protection during the January 6th event so the incident could be turned into a massive attack on Republicans. And of course it has. I believe FBI agents participated in the event and encouraged it, and probably helped in its planning. We know dozens of FBI agents were in the crowd and actively joined in the demonstration. I saw a video of Capital police waving on protestors to enter the Capital building. Nancy Pelosi's "commission" will only throw more mud at Republicans. That is the purpose of the commission.
. Dot "Joe Biden's Big Lie." There have been so many.
. Dot "Ted Cruz Goes after Kamala and Joe -- He Accuses Democrats of Blocking Cuban Refugees Because They're Cuban, May Vote Republican." Bingo!
. Dot "Ted Cruz Goes after Kamala and Joe -- He Accuses Democrats of Blocking Cuban Refugees Because They're Cuban, May Vote Republican." What other reason could there be?


. Dot "Activists Deface Christ of the Ozarks Statue in Arkansas with 'God Bless Abortions' Banner." Have you ever wondered why it is Republicans never seem interested in desecrating statues or destroying property? Something to think about.

Special Links . Star Star Star Star Star

. Dot "The COVID-19 Vaccine Kill Shot Heard around the World." This is so negative, you may wish to skip it. Is it true? I have no way of knowing.
. Dot "The Drug that Cracked COVID." This is a long story, but a vital one. I highly recommend it.
. Dot "Tucker Drops FBI Bombshell: Jan. 6 Organizers 'Were Almost Certainly Working for the FBI'."
. Dot "A Group of Parents Sent Their Kids' Face Masks to a Lab for Analysis. Here's What They Found." Masks on kids is child abuse.
. Dot "Top Immunologist and 'Pro-Vaccine' Doctor Issues Urgent Warning." I think you'll find the recording interesting.
. Dot "CDC Admits at Least 96% of Deaths from Covid19 Were Wrong." Why do you suppose you haven't seen this in any headlines or on any news programs?
. Dot "Rock Solid Proof of Election Fraud." Will this finally reveal all the election fraud?
. Dot "The Truth about the Coronavirus." This will absolutely astound you.
. Dot "What the Great Reset Will Really Do to You." It will make freedom a thing of the past.
. Dot "Courts Repeatedly Refused to Consider Trump's Election Claims on the Merits." There's a phrase that describes this: "Justice denied." And America's democracy may now be forever corrupted.
. Dot "Absolute Proof." Of election fraud during the November 2020 election. This is a two-hour video. I suggest you jump ahead to 1:36:17 to see the description of cyber attacks and how they affected the election outcome.
. Dot "H.R. 127: A New Bill in Congress Would Literally End Your 2nd Amendment Rights Permanently." A major step in taking your freedoms away. A major step toward gun confiscation. A major step toward destroying America as you knew it. Biden and company are doing what we thought they would.
. Dot "The Fraud of Climate Change and the Drive for Control." Have you even heard of Agenda 21?
. Dot "The Anarchy on Our Streets Started in 2016, when the Democrats Renounced Democracy." So it is confirmed: Democrats have destroyed America.
. Dot "Obama's Coup Is Complete."
. Dot "Yes, It Was a Stolen Election." It is official: Biden did not win the election. Also: our country has been overwhelmingly corrupted by Democrats. They have thrown the idea of law and order right out the window.
. Dot "Are Face Masks Effective? The Evidence." The actual science may surprise you.

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Miscellaneous Image

Miscellaneous Image


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Perhaps of Interest

Perhaps of Interest

A Deal

"It's my considered view that it is entirely possible that this [Covid vaccination] will be used for massive-scale depopulation." -- The former Chief Science Officer and VP at Pfizer, Dr Michael Yeadon.


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Dot " Enjoy the Moment," -- a song I've written and sung. Lyrics.
Dot " I'm Thankful," -- a melody and lyrics I've written and sung to "There Is the Door" by Jason Silver, from the album "12 Girlfriends." Lyrics.
Dot " Just with a Smile," -- a melody and lyrics I've written and sung to "Ready," by Phil Garrod & Scot Schreer. Lyrics.
Dot "Plus & Minus." It's a new card game. Try it out and let me know what you think. (Send your comments to
Dot Old Timers Salute the Poughkeepsie Newyorkers
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Dot 1985: Tokyo, Hong Kong
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