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Photo of the week.
Adam Schiff is a congenital liar. And I think he is a despicable person.

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A Sampling of My Articles:

Dot A Few Words about Diversity
Dot A Few Words about Reparations
Dot A Few Words about White Privilege
Dot A Look at Global Warming
Dot A Look at Islam
Dot Airport Security
Dot Al Gore's Big Announcement
Dot Alex in Wonderland
Dot Another Presidential Candidate
Dot Banned Words
Dot Hate
Dot Hillary, Was That You?
Dot I Used to Think . . .
Dot Internet Scam
Dot Janet and Jack
Dot Marriage and Family
Dot Of Course You're a Racist
Dot The Beehive
Dot The Despicables Museum
Dot The Racism Hoax
Dot The Social Scene
Dot The Story of Christine
Dot The "What Makes Me Happy" Theory
Dot To Bring This Fine President Down
Dot What Leftists Want
Dot What's Marriage?
Dot Which Is It?

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(A brief comment for this week.)


"[What Democrats plan for America] is an agenda fit not for an election, but for a revolution."

-- Tucker Carlson on his Fox News TV program September 27, 2019.

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Education and Propaganda

. Dot "Two Females Voted Homecoming King and Queen; High School Calls Them 'Homecoming Royalty' to Reinforce Inclusivity."
. Dot "UK University Forces Students to Learn about Consent in Effort to Teach Them Not to Rape." The Left hates men, particularly white men.
. Dot "Viral Video Shows Student Pummeling Teacher. The Teacher Landed in the Hospital, and the Student Has Been Charged with Assault." This sort of thing never happened twenty or thirty years ago. What has changed?
. Dot "Sweden Makes the Right Call: Decides against Dropping this Important School Subject."
. Dot "Union to Teachers: Inject Race and Racism into Every Subject and Every Conversation." Do you think this is helping the country? Or hurting it?
. Dot "Shame on School Choice for Helping Kids in Too Many Ways!"
. Dot "Teacher 'Habitually' Takes a Knee During Pledge of Allegiance. It Doesn't Go Unnoticed: Teachers Aren't 'Paid to Indoctrinate Our Students'." But they do it anyway.
. Dot "Pointing a Finger Gun Lands 12-Year-Old Johnson County Student in Handcuffs."
. Dot "High School Refuses Free Lunch from Chick-fil-A over Views on LGBTQ Issues."
. Dot "Intolerance in Academia." The Left controls academia.
. Dot "Gender Studies Professor Suggests President Trump Is to Blame for Obese Black Women." What?
. Dot "Strike! Chicago Teachers Are for Themselves, Not the Children." Just like it's been for a long, long time.
. Dot "More Transgender Bathroom Madness -- This Time Parents Have Had Enough." It's about time. (It's past time.)

Global-Warming Nonsense and the Leftist Environmental Movement

. Dot "Idiotic Environmental Predictions." The supply seems endless.
. Dot "Extinction Rebellion Vows Violent Rebellion in Shocking Statements at Amnesty International Conference."And if they can't get their way, blood will flow. I think we have a word for that: anarchy.
. Dot "Child Abuse and Climate Claims."
. Dot "Climate change Protester Bent on Delaying Flight Gets Heckled by Fellow Passengers While a BBC Editor on Board Points out Some Serious Irony."
. Dot "Idiotic Environmental Predictions through the Years."

Government Run Amuck

. Dot "FBI Agent: We Found 'Ten Times' as Many Hillary Emails as James Comey Publicly Claimed." Yet, Hillary sails free.
. Dot "City Council in Mississippi Supports Abortion so Much, They Banned Free Speech Opposing It." Disassembling the Constitution one freedom at a time. To achieve leftist objectives.
. Dot "Every Day, China Gets More Tyrannical . . . This New Development Will Have Orwell Rolling Over in His Grave." And remember, the Left loves China.
. Dot "China's Concentration Camp Survivors Are Speaking out about Rape and Forced Abortions and Sterilization." The Left loves China.
. Dot "Fires in California? It's Not Climate Change, It's Government." Very interesting.
. Dot "ICE: New York Defied Deportation Hold and Released Child Abuser." Remember when laws were obeyed? It wasn't that long ago.
. Dot "Foreign Rule over America: California's Gov. Newsom Signs Law Putting Illegals on State Boards." Is there any advantage at all to citizenship? Any?
. Dot "State Department Official Told Congress He Raised Concerns about Hunter Biden's Ukraine Dealings in 2015 but Was Ignored."
. Dot "City of San Francisco Cuts Business Ties with Nearly Half the States in the Country Because of Their 'Restrictive Abortion Laws'." You must agree with the Left or the Left will penalize you.


. Dot "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, and So It Goes . . ."

The Media

. Dot "Media Omits Warren's Conflicting Claims about Being Fired for Being Pregnant." Yes, of course.
. Dot "Sick: The Disturbing Reason Dems Are Praising Pagan God Moloch on Social Media."
. Dot "ABC Issues Public Apology for Passing off Video of a Kentucky Gun Range as 'Slaughter in Syria'."
. Dot "'We Cannot in Good Conscience Show It to You': MSNBC Refuses to Air Part of Trump Rally Where the President Criticized Hunter Biden." Can't have any of that! It's not fake news.
. Dot "A First: Illegal Border-Crossing Terrorist Is on Trial. Not a First: Media Bury Story."
. Dot "CNN: I Hope Trump Dies Soon."
. Dot "NBC Director Brutally Attacked by Mob in NYC -- Radio Silence from NBC."
. Dot "The Anatomy of a Terrible Liberal Media Lie." One of a million.

Must-Read (or Must-View or Must-Listen)

. Dot "BOMBSHELL: Audio, Email Evidence Shows DNC Colluded with Ukraine to Boost Hillary by Harming Trump, Report Says." Yes, of course.
. Dot "All I Want to Do Is Make Cookies." The government has other ideas. (A PragerU video.)
. Dot "Democratic Depravity: 'When You Must Cheat Because You Cannot Win.'"
. Dot "Congressional Democrats Engaged in Just Another Sham with Impeachment Process." Indeed.
. Dot "Stop Appropriating My Gender."
. Dot "When Will the Timid GOP Wussy Boys Step up to the Plate?" Very good question. Democrats play dirty. Republicans don't seem to want to play at all.
. Dot "Schiff-Pelosi Caught in Ukrainian Arms Scandal: Giuliani Confirms . . . WOW."
. Dot "Why the Military Isn't Enough." Very interesting.
. Dot "A 'Banana Republic' -- If You Can Keep It . . ."
. Dot "Civilian Disarmament & Tyranny -- A Historic Tale of Three Cities." History knows best.
. Dot "The Elite Hates the Trump Doctrine Because It Puts America First." Indeed!
. Dot "Social Media Platforms: The End of Civil Discourse in America." Very dangerous!
. Dot "Bill Barr's Brilliant Touchdown Run at Notre Dame."
. Dot "Memo to A.G. Bill Barr: Without the Rule of Law, a Nation's Wall Is Worthless." Liberals like to ignore the Rule of Law when it interferes with their wishes. That spells trouble.
. Dot "Political Correctness Turns Heroes into Villains."
. Dot "Joe Biden Is Democrat Sacrifice to Save Obama Legacy." Well, well, well.
. Dot "Hundreds of Transgender People Speaking out, but Not in the Way You Might Think . . ."
. Dot "FBI-DOJ Likely to Throw the CIA and Clapper under the Bus." Looks like we're one step closer to justice.


. Dot "WATCH: 'Hundreds' of Young People Regret Gender Transition, Seek Reversal." You mean pretending to be someone you're not is not healthy and rewarding? Like the Left has told us for so many years?
. Dot "Leaked Slides Show 84% of Women Failing Army Fitness Test; Official Responds."
. Dot "Psychologists: Children Should Undergo Irreversible Gender-Transition Surgery wWithout Parental Consent." Heaven help us!
. Dot "Instagram's Latest Crackdown on Free Expression Targets Innocuous Hand Symbol."
. Dot "You Won't Believe what the Government Can Now Access on Your Phone."
. Dot "What Would Happen if China Became the First to Achieve Quantum Supremacy?"
. Dot "The Latest Victim of Cancel Culture Is . . . SpongeBob Squarepants?! Huh?"
. Dot "WALSH: The Two Very Basic Questions Every Democrat Should Be Asked, But Won't Be." The Left doesn't like to be pinned down with specifics.
. Dot "Truth Bomb: Hundreds Living with Regret after Gender Transition." I bet it's thousands, if not tens of thousands.
. Dot "In the Rush to Harvest Body Parts, Death Investigations Have Been Upended."
. Dot "Trump-Hating Open Borders Advocate Gets Killed in Car Accident; Take a Look Who Was Driving the Other Car."
. Dot "Is America Becoming Sinicized?"
. Dot "ICE Identifies Hundreds of Migrants Allegedly Lying about Their Family Status." I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg.
. Dot "Target Employees Learn Price of Minimum Wage Increases, Suffer Rampant Loss of Hours, Benefits." Economics is not political.
. Dot "Trump Did Not Betray the Kurds."


. Dot "Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Unveils Bill that Would Give Federal Benefits to Illegal Aliens." Just imagine how many more illegal aliens that will produce. Probably millions.
. Dot "FBI Releases Data on Homicide that Renders Anti-Gun Zealots Silent." Facts never stop liberals.
. Dot "Former NSA Chief of Staff Asks Vital Question about CIA Whistleblower . . . Who Was Behind This?" I think a lot of us want to know.
. Dot "Democrats Threaten SC Justices with Court Packing if They Hear Gun Law Challenge." Democrats decide they won't play by the rules. Again. How do you deal with people who won't play by the rules?
. Dot "Democrat Socialists Hoping to Unseat Incumbents in NY Want to Abolish Private Property." The country is in great danger.
. Dot "Conservative YouTube Channels Are Being Buried."
. Dot "BOMBSHELL: Hillary Treason Scandal Surfaces, People Are Going to Prison." We'll see.
. Dot "There's a Reason Democrats Are Screaming about Conspiracies."
. Dot "The Left to America's Children: Your Past Is Terrible, and Your Future Is Terrible."
. Dot "DEMOCRAT EXTORTION: In 2009 Minneapolis Charged Obama $20K for Security at Rally -- Today They Are Charging Trump $500K for Rally." Democrats don't seem to understand the concept of fairness.
. Dot "What's the Deep State's Real Agenda for Imprisoned Whistleblower Julian Assange?"
. Dot "AOC Calls for Abolishing Prisons: 'A Cage Is a Cage . . . Humans Don't Belong in Them'." Humans that break laws do belong in them.
. Dot "126 Conservative Leaders Denounce Attempts to Impeach President Trump."
. Dot "Did James Clapper Just Admit President Obama Directed Him to Go after the Trump Campaign?" My guess: yes.
. Dot "Half Truths, Lies and Fake Stories Make Schiff's Credibility Crumble." I think Mr. Schiff is a disgusting human being. He is doing great harm to this country. And he doesn't care.
. Dot "The NBA Is Just One of Many American Firms in Thrall to China." Looks like China is calling the shots. Will freedom be a casualty in this battle?
. Dot "Conservative YouTube Channels Are Being Buried." Who's left to speak for freedom? And of course, that's the whole idea.
. Dot "Trump Admin Shreds Democrats' Impeachment Attempt in Scathing Legal Letter." I suggest you read the letter. You won't learn of its contents from the mainstream media.
. Dot "Exclusive -- Donald Trump Jr: Impeachment Hysteria Is Really about Taking away the Future Americans Chose."
. Dot "Beto O'Rourke Promises to Strip Churches of Tax-Exempt Status if They Don't Support Gay Marriage." The Left wants to take away your rights and force you to think the way they do.
. Dot "'You Stop It, You Are a White Male!': Unhinged Trustee Shouts down Colleagues for Weighing in on Town's Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Statement." Is it now against the law to be white? Maybe not, but if you're white, your opinions don't matter.
. Dot "NBA Takes a Stand Against Freedom." There was a time when freedom was cherished. By everyone.
. Dot "9-Year-Old Transgender Student Asks Elizabeth Warren a Question at CNN's LGBTQ Town Hall." I'm shaking my head.
. Dot "Report: Elizabeth Warren's 'Pow Wow Chow' Cookbook Ripped off Famous Recipes and Passed Them off as Those from Her Own 'Native American' Family." Cheating -- it's a skill set used extensively by Democrats.
. Dot "Ukraine 'Alignment' with Hillary Clinton Began in 2013: Politico Flashback, 2017."
. Dot "Uh-Oh . . . Biden Just Threw Obama under the Bus! Here's what He's Claiming . . ."
. Dot "Rush Limbaugh Drops Damning Audio Of James Clapper Making this Stunning Admission about 2016 Election Meddling."
. Dot "PROJECT VERITAS VIDEO: CNN Head Appears to Admit Network Pushing Impeachment, Has 'Personal Vendetta Against Trump,' Employee Says."
. Dot "Bombshell: Here's How Closely Linked the Whistleblower Was to Biden . . . It's All a Set-Up!!"
. Dot "New York Democrats Adopt Gender Non-Binary Rule Changes." Utter insanity.
. Dot "Ilhan Omar Raises over Million Dollars in 3rd Quarter Fundraising." Very scary!
. Dot "Bad Gaslighting Epidemic Sweeps the Elite."
. Dot "Church Receives Threatening Message from Terror Group Antifa." If Antifa were as violent against the Left as it is violent against the Right, it would be shut down in a minute. The Left loves Antifa.
. Dot "'Fun Times in Beijing': Hunter Biden Received $700,000 from Company that Held Stake in His Chinese Business Interest."
. Dot "BREAKING: Adam Schiff Issues Jaw-Dropping Impeachment Threat to Trump." Democrats get mad when they don't get their way.
. Dot "'We Should Have Faith': Beto Tells Eric Bolling that criminals Will 'Do the Right Thing' and Turn in Their Guns." It that were so, we should simply pass a law: No more crime. Would criminals "do the right thing?' Beto is embarrassing himself. Big time! He is acting like a fool.
. Dot "Beto's 2020 Legacy: Offering Frightening Glimpses into the Authoritarian Left's Ultimate Goals."
. Dot "Poll: The 10 Most Popular Governors in America Are All Republicans; 6 out of the 10 Most Unpopular Governors are Democrats." Do you think this is just coincidence?


. Dot "Clarion Special Report: NY's Sharia Patrol." Slowly, slowly, slowly taking over.
. Dot "'Islam Is Right about Women' Signs Pop up in Texas . . . The Reaction from Leftists Is Priceless."

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I think these articles are of particular importance.
(I'll leave them posted here indefinitely.)


. Dot "The Open Border Strategy." If the Left succeeds, America's freedom will be lost, probably forever. Please read this article.
. Dot "How Do Civil Wars Happen?" This is so good! I hope you have a chance to read it!
. Dot "Pelosi Explains the WRAP UP SMEAR Tactic Democrats Use." So, we see the Democrats' chief political tactic: lie. I hope this doesn't come as a surprise.
. Dot "Autopsy of a Dead Coup."


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Camera Camera

Quotes of Note
Dot "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." -- Josef Goebbels. (Source.)
. . . . . Democrats keep telling us socialism is great.

Dot Drugs are considered to be the best way to destroy the United States . . . by undermining the will of American youth; the enemy is destroyed without firing one bullet. -- Major Juan Rodriguez, Cuban intelligence officer 1988. (Source: Red Cocaine -- The Drugging of America and the West, by Joseph D. Douglass, first published in 1990, page 138.)


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Miscellaneous Image

This week's Miscellaneous Image

(Received in an email dated October 2o, 2019. Thanks, Jack.)

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Perhaps of interest

Perhaps of Interest

The Trump Doctrine

"The Trump Doctrine is really just a fancy name for the common sense view that America's leaders should use American power to advance the interests of Americans. And that's why the elite hates it."


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The Bronze Rat

A tourist walked into a Chinese curio shop in San Francisco. While looking around at the exotic merchandise, he noticed a very lifelike, life-sized, bronze statue of a rat. It had no price tag, but was so incredibly striking the tourist decided he must have it. He took it to the old shop owner and asked, "How much for the bronze rat?"

"Ahhh, you have chosen wisely! It is $75 for the rat and $1500 for the story," said the wise old Chinaman.

The tourist quickly pulled out seventy-five dollars. "I'll just take the rat, you can keep the story."

As he walked down the street carrying his bronze rat, the tourist noticed that a few real rats had crawled out of the alleys and sewers and had begun following him down the street. This was a bit disconcerting, so he began walking faster.

A couple blocks later, he looked behind him and saw to his horror the herd of rats behind him had grown to hundreds, and they began squealing.

Sweating now, the tourist began to trot toward San Francisco Bay. Again, after a few blocks, he looked around only to discover the rats now numbered in the MILLIONS, and were squealing and coming toward him faster and faster!

Terrified, he ran to the edge of the bay and threw the bronze rat as far as he could into the bay.

He was astonished to see that the millions of rats jumped into the bay after the bronze rat and were all drowned.

The tourist walked back to the curio shop in Chinatown.

"Ahhh," said the owner, "You come back for story?"

"No sir," said the man, "I came back to see if you have a bronze Democrat."

(Received in an email dated October 7, 2019. Thanks, Bill.)

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Odds and Ends
Dot " Circles."
Dot " Enjoy the Moment," -- a song I've written and sung. Lyrics.
Dot " I'm Thankful," -- a melody and lyrics I've written and sung to "There Is the Door" by Jason Silver, from the album "12 Girlfriends." Lyrics.
Dot " Just with a Smile," -- a melody and lyrics I've written and sung to "Ready," by Phil Garrod & Scot Schreer. Lyrics.
Dot "Plus & Minus." It's a new card game. Try it out and let me know what you think. (Send your comments to
Dot Old Timers Salute the Poughkeepsie Newyorkers
Dot There's a Train in My Kitchen
Dot Wild, Wild Shoes and Boots
Dot Wild, Wild Shoes and Boots II
Dot Wild, Wild Shoes and Boots III
Dot Wild, Wild Shoes and Boots IV
Dot Shoes and Boots -- A Collection

My Son Tim's Adventures
Dot 1985: Tokyo, Hong Kong
Dot 1988: Galapagos
Dot 1990: Africa

My Son Bob's Story

Dot " The Culling"

My Travels
Dot 1982: Africa Safari
Dot 1994: The Great Africa Safari Adventure
Dot 1996: Africa Adventure
Dot 1998: Africa Adventure
Dot 2001: The Great Amazon Adventure
Dot 2002: A Trip to Costa Rica
Dot 2003: Going Ape in Uganda
Dot 2004: Under Africa's Spell
Dot 2005: A Taste of Tanzania
Dot 2006: Africa Safari
Dot 2013: Another Glimpse of Africa
Dot 2014: To Africa, with Love.
Dot 2015: A Few Days in Iceland.
Dot Favorite Africa Photos
Dot Travel Memories
Dot Travel Tales

My Brother Jim's Travels
Dot Observations on an Adventure to Amazonas

My Parents' Travels
Dot Europe -- 1956
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