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Photo of the week.
I no longer recognize America. It is changing into something very ugly.

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A Sampling of My Articles:

Dot A Few Words about Black Lives Matter
Dot A Few Words about Diversity
Dot A Few Words about Reparations
Dot A Few Words about White Privilege
Dot A Look at Global Warming
Dot A Look at Islam
Dot Airport Security
Dot Al Gore's Big Announcement
Dot Alex in Wonderland
Dot Another Presidential Candidate
Dot Banned Words
Dot Hate
Dot Hillary, Was That You?
Dot I Used to Think . . .
Dot Internet Scam
Dot Janet and Jack
Dot Managed Spontaneity.
Dot Marriage and Family
Dot Of Course You're a Racist
Dot The Beehive
Dot The Despicables Museum
Dot The Plan
Dot The Racism Hoax
Dot The Social Scene
Dot The Story of Christine
Dot The "What Makes Me Happy" Theory
Dot To Bring This Fine President Down
Dot Two Irrefutable Facts
Dot What Leftists Want
Dot What's Marriage?
Dot What's the Score?
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(A brief comment for this week.)


"The society that has no past has no future." -- Mark Stein, on Tucker Carlson Tonight, December 29, 2020.

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Education and Propaganda

. Dot "The New Leftist-Controlled American College: Where You Pay to Be Oppressed."
. Dot "University Department Invites Students to Town Hall Event, but Not White Students." Oh, no! Not evil white students. Who would want to invite them to anything?
. Dot "Students in Los Angeles Will Be Required to Get COVID Vaccine before Returning to School."
. Dot "Report: California Elementary School Instructs Third-Graders to Rank Themselves Based on Their 'Power and Privilege'." Harming the kids. A lot. And the country, too.
. Dot "Penn State Professor Blasts Conservative Student Group for 'Racism,' 'Sexism', Suggests They Bear 'Responsibility' for Capitol Riot."

Global-Warming Nonsense and the Leftist Environmental Movement

. Dot "Green New Deal Ideologies, Fantasies and Realities." But, who pays attention to realities nowadays?
. Dot "Americans Supposedly Just Voted for only Electric Vehicles." And the nation will suffer for it. A lot.
. Dot "Record Cold of 2021 Reminds Us: Be Wary of Climate Predictions and Energy Priorities." Good advice.

Government Run Amuck

. Dot "No Judge Would Listen to Sidney Powell's Evidence, but of Course, They Take Dominion's Lawsuit." What ever happened to the idea of equal justice? Oh, that's right, the Left doesn't like it.
. Dot "Biden Vows to 'Defeat' the NRA on Anniversary of Gabby Giffords Shooting." And put an end to our Second Amendment.
. Dot "Atilis Gym Says NJ 'Emptied out Every Single Dollar that We Have' from Bank Account Amid COVID-19 Lockdown Battle with State." As the state gets more powerful, the citizen becomes less free.


The Media, Including Social Media

. Dot "The World Is Watching as Silencing of Voices Turning United States into Soviet Union." That's what's going on.
. Dot "ABC News Calls for 'Cleansing' of Trump Supporters in Terrifying Piece." Looks like this is what's ahead. You must believe as the media demand, or you'll be "cleansed."
. Dot "Socialism Creeping in: Mainstream Media Now Openly Calling for Trump Supporters to Be Blacklisted." Look how effectively the Left has divided us. And is working hard to divide us more.
. Dot "Twitter Allows 'Hang Mike Pence' to Trend Hours after Trump Ban." Is someone surprised?
. Dot "Twitter Hasn't Suspended these Accounts or Tweets that Openly Incite Violence." Big surprise? No.
. Dot "BREAKING: Dan Bongino and Ben Shapiro Will Be FIRED over Trump." We can't have actual truth broadcast over the airwaves. No, sir. Unless, of course, in those rare cases where a particular truth advances the leftist agenda.
. Dot "Forbes Magazine Editor Threatens Any Company Hiring Trump's White House Press Secretaries." The hatred knows no bounds.
. Dot "CNN Analyst: Trump a 'Terrorist' Leader, Put Him in 'Complete Isolation,' Take His Money." Sounds just like what they would do to someone in Communist China.
. Dot "Twitter's Double Standard on Display when Nancy Pelosi's 2017 Tweet Surfaces." Double standards are just how Twitter plays the game.
. Dot "Parler Is Not the First Victim of Big Tech; Remember Prager U?"
. Dot "CNN Reports a Dem Rep Grabbed a Crowbar during Capitol Attack. He Actually Grabbed an Energy Bar."
. Dot "CNN Anchor: Everyone Who Voted for Trump Sided with 'The Klan,' 'Nazis, Rioters." That is a despicable comment. It is disgusting and toxic. It is absolutely unacceptable.
. Dot "Anti-Conservative Mob Now Forcing Families from Their Homes as Censorship Row Heats up." The takeover of America is underway.

Must-Read (or Must-View or Must-Listen)

. Star Star Star Star Star . Dot "The Anarchy on Our Streets Started in 2016, when the Democrats Renounced Democracy." So it is confirmed: Democrats have destroyed America.
. Star Star Star Star Star . Dot "Obama's Coup Is Complete."
. Dot "The Plan."
. Dot "The Cheat in Plain Sight."
. Dot "BREAKING: Dems Prepare to Put COVID Carriers into Detention Centers." Just imagine how this would be abused.
. Dot "BREAKING: Fauci Declares COVID Vaccines Will Be Mandatory." Freedom will not be mandatory. It will be a casualty.
. Dot "Exclusive: Over 432,000 Votes Removed from Trump in Pennsylvania, Data Scientists Say." The fraud was massive.
. Dot "I Now Better Understand the 'Good German'."
. Dot "Are Democrats Skipping Socialism and Going Straight for Communism?" It seems a safe assumption.
. Dot "Horowitz: With No Lockdown or Mask Mandate, Florida Has Roughly Same Hospitalization Level as 2018 Flu Season."
. Dot "Democrats Making Preparations for America to Become North Korea under Their Tyrannical Rule." It appears the country is lost. And probably gone forever.
. Dot "2020 Was the Year of Lost Liberty." Lost liberty is lost freedom. Lost freedom is a lost America.
. Dot "Will Americans Ever Grow Wise to Alinsky?" Right now, the answer appears to be . . . no.
. Dot "Video Shows Trump Supporters Attempting to Stop People from Breaking into the Capitol." The media don't want us to know that. It spoils their plan. You see, all on the right must be seen as evil. (Their plan is working very well.)
. Dot "Watch: The People Who Desecrated Capitol Were NOT Patriots, Was AntiFa Responsible?"
. Dot "The Trump Coup Attempt that Wasn't."
. Dot "The Progressive Purge Begins." And the world will never be the same again.
. Dot "The U.S. Might Soon Be Irretrievable." I think we're already there.
. Dot "The Purge Is Here." To be sure.
. Dot "What I Can Teach You about Racism." (A PragerU video.) A lesson everyone should learn.
. Dot "This Isn't about Trump: Big Tech Went from Temporary POTUS Suspension to Delisting an Entire Free Speech Platform in 72 Hours." Joe Biden will oversee the destruction of our country. And he will assist the process all along the way.
. Dot "Warning: H.R.1 Is the Building Block for a 'Blue' Nation." And a forever leftist government. That is, the end of America as we knew it.
. Dot "Is Truth Irrelevant?" No doubt about it.
. Dot "A Survival Guide for Conservatives during the Biden Years." I fear he's too optimistic.
. Dot "Exclusive: Facebook Permanently Bans Retailer PatrioticMe from Advertising Pro-America Products." I guess it's clear: Facebook hates America. What other explanation can you come up with?
. Dot "Corporations Crack down on Conservative Ideas." Will all conservatives be banned? Will I be banned? Things are moving in that direction.
. Dot "Biden Administration May Target 'Racist Highways'." Today, everything is racist. It is used as an effective weapon to achieve any goal you wish.
. Dot "Giuliani May Be Expelled from New York Bar Group over Capitol Riot." The Left is trying to punish all those on the right. This will not end well. The country is being torn apart in the process.
. Dot "PBS Principal Counsel Michael Beller Incites Political Violence in Radical Left-Wing Agenda." How many other people in media think the same way? Who cannot see that we are headed for real trouble? Soon.
. Dot "Stone-Throwers in Glass Houses."
. Dot "Left Vs Right." (Political cartoon.)
. Dot "Jim Jordan Calls out Dems' 'Double Standards' -- They 'Objected to More States in 2017 than Republicans Did Last Week'." Those inconvenient facts keep raising their pesky heads. But Democrats are able to beat them down time and time again.
. Dot "Assault on the Capitol Has Let Loose the Electronic Octopus."
. Dot "Political Cartoon."
. Dot "LA Rolls out Digital Vaccine Verification." How much freedom are you willing to give up? We'll have to answer that question.
. Dot "The Secret to Saving America." I'm not sue America can be saved.
. Dot "One Year after Congress Attacked Wall at Border, One Goes up around Capitol to Protect Lawmakers." For Democrats, it seems walls are needed for protection. But walls are not needed to protect any other American citizens.
. Dot "Texas Lawmakers Considering Brexit-Like Secession Amid Trending Democrat Socialism." A good measure of the discontent in America.
. Dot "The Capitol Hill Riot Was Pelosi's Fault, Not Trump's." And most people will never know that.
. Dot "Alex Azar Asks: China & WHO Mislead the World Once with Corona, Why Believe Them Now?" Why believe them ever again? China released a biological attack on America and the world.
. Dot "What if Big Tech Was Censoring Black Speech Instead of Conservative Speech?" Very good question.
. Dot "Masters of Projection and Deception. Democrats Don't Want to Govern Us; They Want to Crush Us and then Rule Us." So sad. So true.
. Dot "Google Is Evil."
. Dot "An Escalator Ride into Hell." It is inexcusable what happened to Donald Trump. And to those who supported him. It's a true American disgrace!
. Dot "PHOTOS: Feds Build Walls in D.C. for Anti-Border Wall Joe Biden, Kamala Harris." Oh yes, America is being transformed.


. Dot "Trump's Latest Picks for the Medal of Freedom Could Trigger a Media Meltdown." This pleases me a lot.
. Dot "SICK: Restaurant Brags about FORCING White People out." Because white people are bad and black people are good.
. Dot "What Evidence Is there that Mask Mandates Are Working?" I believe the answer is . . . none.
. Dot "Welcome to a Wilderness of Lies."
. Dot "Watch: NOT MAGA -- Man Who Stole Pelosi's Lectern Never Voted, Not Even a Registered Republican."
. Dot "Joe Biden and Walter Dunham Are Twins." I had the same thought.
. Dot "10 Predictions about the Future that Should Scare the Hell out of You." Note that this was written in 2016. Note also that the writer seems to have fallen victim to the global warming hoax.
. Dot "Canadian Hospice to Be Shuttered for Refusing Euthanasia." So much for choice.
. Dot "Pilot Issues Threat to Trump Supporters after They Start Chanting 'USA' on His Flight." The hate of patriots is everywhere. We are entering very dangerous times.
. Dot "The Conservative Purge Won't Stop with Big Tech." To be sure.
. Dot "Law Professor Responds to WOKE University." My guess is he'll suffer for expressing his opinion.
. Dot "Restaurant Owner Issues Apology after 'Insensitive and Derogatory' Display Sign: 'If a Male Can Identify as a Female, Can a Bar Identify as a Grocery Store?'." Sounds to me like a perfectly valid question.
. Dot "America's Frontline Doctors White Paper on Experimental Vaccines for COVID-19."
. Dot "State and Federal Laws Move to Erase Biology and Women." Are you in favor of that?
. Dot "New International Study Says Coronavirus Lockdowns Not More Effective than Voluntary Measures, Not Needed to Slow the Spread."
. Dot "Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. Says Claiming Voting Was Rigged in the State Is Not Protected under First Amendment." Then, what is? Can I say Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman is an idiot?
. Dot "Nearly Two Dozen Nursing Home Residents in Norway Die within Days of Getting COVID Vaccine." Hmm.
. Dot "Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue: The Left 'Weaponized' Pandemic to 'Shutdown Economy' for 'Political Gain'." I think that's exactly what happened.
. Dot "As His Term Comes to a Close, Sec. Pompeo Isn't Going Quietly." Three cheers to Secretary Pompeo!
. Dot "Florida Waitress Hailed as a Hero after She Saw Something Strange about a Boy She Served and Took Action." Wow!
. Dot "The Unconstitutionality of a Senate Impeachment Trial of Donald J. Trump Post-Presidency." Democrats never let the Constitution get in their way. Their actions, though unconstitutional, have political effects, and that is their objective.
. Dot "Watch: Alarm Bells Ringing as Vaccine Related Deaths Significantly Higher than Projected."


. Dot "'America's Got Talent' Finalist Booted from ZZ Top Musician's Tour after Posting Photo with MAGA Hat." It seems the purge is underway.
. Dot "Stacking the Deck: Democrats Pass Unusual Congressional Rules to Give Them an Advantage." Taking control.
. Dot "Study Finds 10 Cities Losing the Most Residents: They're All Run by Democrats."
. Dot "All Eyes on Mike Pence as House Panel Calls for Vice President to Invoke 25th Amendment." This would be yet another coup d'etat by the Left.
. Dot "BREAKING: General Michael Flynn BANNED Forever." Looks like the cleansing is underway.
. Dot "Leftists Compare Trump's Twitter Ban to Saddam Hussein's Capture, Call It 'Most Important Moment in the History of Social Media'." We are witnessing the abandonment of freedom of speech. And our country's First Amendment.
. Dot "Parler removed from Google Play Store, threatened by Apple for lack of speech moderation." Ditto. (See above.)
. Dot "Democrats Really Are the Worst People on the Planet."
. Dot "Biden Says He Will 'Defeat the NRA' while in Office." And thereby kiss the Second Amendment goodbye.
. Dot "Biden Pushes Idea of Discriminating Based on Race, Sex in Stimulus Plan." This is just the beginning. It's going to get a lot worse. A lot worse!
. Dot "Loyal Soldier: Pompeo Standing Next to Trump 'With Pride' at All He Has Accomplished." I believe Donald Trump is one of the best presidents in American history. And that is a key reason those on the left hate him so.
. Dot "The Nazi Era Began with Exactly the Same Tactic that the Lincoln Project & Dems Are Using Here." And America will be damaged greatly.
. Dot "Watch: Biden Calls for Cruz & Hawley to Be 'Beaten-up' as Effort to Silence Progressive Dissent Grows." If we enter a "dark" period, as Joe Biden keeps telling us we will, it will be because of what Joe Biden says and does.
. Dot "Sen. Manchin Calls for Bipartisanship among Republicans and Democrats." Let's see. Democrats berate Republicans, they condemn them, they trash them, they hate them, they Demonize them . . . and then they call for bipartisanship. And they can't understand why Republicans don't race to sign up for more intimidation.
. Dot "PBS Top Lawyer Says Gov Should Build 'Enlightenment Camps' and Remove Children from Trump-Supporting Homes." Will the Trump-supporting parents be sent to camps, too?
. Dot "Instead of the 25th Amendment, House Should Invoke 12th."
. Dot "Scary: Being Blacklisted Based on Who You Support Politically Is Happening Now in America." Just like in communist countries.
. Dot "The Art of the Steal."
. Dot "Report: Democrats Making Move to Classify MAGA Rallies as Domestic Terrorist Activity." They're working hard to destroy the Republican party. Actually, all those on the right.
. Dot "Dem Reps Push Bill that Would Ban Naming 'Even a Bench' after Trump." Stoking the fires of hatred.
. Dot "'Replacing a General when He Is Winning the War': Biden Asks 'Warp-Speed' Chief to Resign." The big purge begins.
. Dot "Pelosi's New Congress Has Impeached Trump and Now Doing this Thing of No Use to Americans." It's the important first step to guarantee no Republican will ever again be President.
. Dot "Pelosi Puts Two Socialists on Finance Committee & Swalwell Back on Homeland Security." Heaven help us. I doubt America can withstand such harsh treatment.
. Dot "Biden to Sign a Dozen Executive Orders on Day One in Office -- Reverse Trump's Travel Ban, Rejoin Paris Agreement." Watch closely everyone, we are about to witness the destruction of America. Our country will never again be the same. And in the years ahead, many who haven't been paying attention will wonder what happened. What happened is socialists took over and "transformed" America.
. Dot "Minimum Wage Mandate in Biden's Pandemic Relief Bill Estimated to Wipe out 1.3 Million Jobs." Just what you'd expect from a Democrat.
. Dot "Lawyer Claims Trump Is a 'Flight Risk' and Urges Secret Service to Drop Their Protection of Him." Imagine if this hate were directed at Obama.


. Dot "'Amen and Awoman:' Minister Invokes Hindu God, Offers Gender Lesson during Opening Prayer for 117th Congress."
. Dot "It's Not Nancy Pelosi's Job to Tell Christians what They Are Allowed to Believe." Leftists always demand everyone think and believe as they do.
. Dot "Theological School Speaker: Understand what It Means to Be White or 'You're Dangerous'." Very racist talk.

Special Links

. Star Star Star Star Star
. Dot "The Anarchy on Our Streets Started in 2016, when the Democrats Renounced Democracy." So it is confirmed: Democrats have destroyed America.
. Star Star Star Star Star
. Dot "Obama's Coup Is Complete."
. Star Star Star Star Star
. Dot "Yes, It Was a Stolen Election." It is official: Biden did not win the election. Also: our country has been overwhelmingly corrupted by Democrats. They have thrown the idea of law and order right out the window.
. Star Star Star Star Star
. Dot "Are Face Masks Effective? The Evidence." The actual science may surprise you.

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Miscellaneous Image

Miscellaneous Image

(Received in an email dated October 26, 2020. Thanks, Jack.)

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Perhaps of Interest

Perhaps of Interest


During WWII, Irena, got permission to work in the Warsaw ghetto, as a plumbing/sewer specialist. She had an ulterior motive. Irena smuggled Jewish infants out in the bottom of the tool box she carried. She also carried a burlap sack in the back of her truck for larger kids. Irena kept a dog in the back that she trained to bark when the Nazi soldiers let her in and out of the ghetto. The soldiers, of course, wanted nothing to do with the dog, and the barking covered the kids'/infants' noises.

During her time of doing this, she managed to smuggle out and save 2500 kids/infants. Ultimately, she was caught, however, and the Nazis broke both of her legs and arms and beat her severely.

Irena kept a record of the names of all the kids she had smuggled out in a glass jar that she buried under a tree in her back yard. After the war, she tried to locate any parents that may have survived and tried to reunite the families. Most had been gassed. Those kids she helped got placed into foster family homes or adopted.

In 2007 Irena was up for the Nobel Peace Prize. She was not selected. Al Gore won, for a slide show on global warming. Later another politician, Barack Obama, won for simply being the first black president of the United States. The Holocaust murdered six million Jews, 20 million Russians, 10 million Christians, and 1,900 Catholic priests. Now, more than ever, with Iran, and others, claiming the Holocause is 'a myth', it's imperative to make sure the world never forgets, because there are others who would like to do it again.

Received in an email dated October 26, 2020. Thanks, Jack.
(I have not verified that all this information is correct. Some details are in doubt.)

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On the Subject of Sex

"There are a number of mechanical devices which increase sexual arousal, particularly in women. Chief among these is the Mercedes-Benz SL500." -- Frank Sinatra.

"It isn't premarital sex if you have no intention of getting married." -- George Burns.

"Clinton lied. A man might forget where he parks or where he lives, but he never forgets oral sex, no matter how bad it is." -- Barbara Bush.

"According to a new survey, women say they feel more comfortable undressing in front of men than they do undressing in front of other women. They say that women are too judgmental, where, of course, men are just grateful." -- Robert De Niro.

"See, the problem is that God gives men a brain and a penis and only enough blood to run one at a time." -- Robin Williams.

Sex is one of the most wholesome, beautiful and natural experiences money can buy. -- Steve Martin.

You don't appreciate a lot of stuff in school until you get older. Little things like being spanked every day by a middle-aged woman. Stuff you pay good money for later in life. -- Bob Hope.

"Bigamy is having one wife too many. Monogamy is the same." -- Oscar Wilde.

(Received in an email dated October 20, 2020. Thanks, Jack.)

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Dot " Enjoy the Moment," -- a song I've written and sung. Lyrics.
Dot " I'm Thankful," -- a melody and lyrics I've written and sung to "There Is the Door" by Jason Silver, from the album "12 Girlfriends." Lyrics.
Dot " Just with a Smile," -- a melody and lyrics I've written and sung to "Ready," by Phil Garrod & Scot Schreer. Lyrics.
Dot "Plus & Minus." It's a new card game. Try it out and let me know what you think. (Send your comments to
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