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Photo of the Week

Photo of the week.
Mr. Biden has encouraged us all to be "vaccinated" against Covid-19. He has issued decree after decree to force citizens to get an injection, even citizens with natural immunity. Why? Natural immunity has been shown to be many, many times more effective than any of the "vaccines." I can only conclude Joe's fixation on injecting us all with genetically-modifying substances isn't about protecting us from the virus at all. So, what is it about?

And now, old Joe threatens us further, saying his "patience is wearing thin." Old Joe has convinced me I should be very afraid of the "vaccines," and I should avoid them at all cost!

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I've discontinued the "Quote of the Week," but you
might enjoy looking through all the quotations I've
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Dot A Few Questions.
Dot A Few Words about Black Lives Matter
Dot A Few Words about Diversity
Dot A Few Words about Reparations
Dot A Few Words about White Privilege
Dot A Look at Global Warming
Dot A Look at Islam
Dot Airport Security
Dot Al Gore's Big Announcement
Dot Alex in Wonderland
Dot Another Presidential Candidate
Dot Banned Words
Dot Hate
Dot Hillary, Was That You?
Dot I Used to Think . . .
Dot Internet Scam
Dot Janet and Jack
Dot Managed Spontaneity
Dot Marriage and Family
Dot Of Course You're a Racist
Dot The Beehive
Dot The Day America Died
Dot The Despicables Museum
Dot The Plan
Dot The Racism Hoax
Dot The Social Scene
Dot The Story of Christine
Dot The "What Makes Me Happy" Theory
Dot To Bring This Fine President Down
Dot Two Irrefutable Facts
Dot What Leftists Want
Dot What's Marriage?
Dot What's the Score?

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(A brief comment for this week.)


“America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”
-- Joseph Stalin


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Education and Propaganda

. Dot "Parents Furious as Teens Forced to Wear COVID Ankle Monitors Warning Others to Stay Back."
. Dot "Report: 7 Horrifying Videos Show Australia Now a Brutal Police State Thanks to COVID Fascists."
. Dot "Brace Yourselves. This College's New COVID Restrictions Are Almost too Insane to Be Real."
. Dot "Virginia Education Department Instructs Teachers to Avoid Teaching about Muslim Extremism on 9/11."
. Dot "Leftist Academic Says Whiteness Leads to Mask Hesitation." Sounds like a very racist comment.
. Dot "Teachers Union: 'It's OK' that Kids Don't Know Math, 'They Know the Words Insurrection and Coup'."
. Dot "Public School Teacher: 'I Have 180 Days to Turn [Students] into Revolutionaries'." Seems he has no time for real education.
. Dot "North Carolina Report Highlights Indoctrination in Classrooms. Here Are 6 Stories from Parents and Faculty."
. Dot "University Hosts 'Welcome BBQ' 'Intended' for 'People of Color'."
. Dot "Donors, Alumni Enraged by University of Kansas Student Government's 'Death to America' Message." I suspect millions of students across America share that sentiment.
. Dot "Afghanistan Universities Reopen with Curtains Separating Male, Female Students."
. Dot "WATCH: Students Think 9/11 Lessons Should Omit 'Gruesome' Details, 'Avoid Placing Blame'." But they are perfectly willing to blame America.
. Dot "Proposed 9/11 Resolution from School Board Member Who Spoke of Jihad Spends 1 Paragraph Honoring Dead Americans, 10 Lamenting Muslim Discrimination."

Global-Warming Nonsense and the Leftist Environmental Movement

. Dot "Woke Companies Must Wake up on ESG." But, of course they won't.

Government Run Amuck

. Dot "New Zealand Announces Plan to HUNT DOWN the Unvaccinated." Those evil criminals who may not like the idea of becoming a GMO (a Genetically Modified Organism).
. Dot "Judge Asks Mom a Surprise Vaccine Question, She Gets It 'Wrong' So He Strips Her of Custody."
. Dot "New 'Inclusive' CDC Guide: Don't Call People 'Alcoholics,' 'Smokers,' 'Uninsured'." The thought police have been busy.
. Dot "Blinken Claims US Never Gave Taliban Lists of Names, then Details Names US Gave the Taliban." What?
. Dot "Fauci's NIAID Used Taxpayer Money for Dogs to Be 'Eaten Alive' in Cruel Experiment."
. Dot "Biden Admin Lost Track of a Third of Migrant Children and They May Have Been Trafficked."
. Dot "Horowitz: CDC Endorsed Use of Ivermectin -- for Afghan Refugees!"
. Dot "Thanks to Liberals, CVS Hit with $39,000 in Thefts Every Day, then Items Show up Online."
. Dot "Looking for Work? You Can Now Get Paid Not to Shoot People." I promise not to shoot people. How much money can I get?
. Dot "Top Scientist on New Report about Research in Chinese Labs: It's 'Clear' Fauci Was 'Untruthful'." Yes. Certainly.
. Dot "President Biden's Closet Swings Wide open -- Joe's Team Tried to Erase Damaging Afghanistan Records." And what will Quid Pro Quo Joe say when these weapons are used to kill Americans? Answer: nothing.


The Media, Including Social Media

. Dot "Watch: CNN's Calls GOP 'American Taliban'." Gee, those conservatives must be terrible, awful, evil people.
. Dot "Jimmy Kimmel Says Unvaccinated Americans Who've Taken Ivermectin Should Be Denied ICU Beds and Left to Die: 'Rest in Peace, Wheezy'." Wow.
. Dot "CNN Doc Goes to War: Unvaccinated Americans Should Be Banned from Domestic Travel, Cut off from Society." The Left's hatred is showing again.

Must-Read (or Must-View or Must-Listen)

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(Sorry, no new five-star links this time.)

. Dot "The Highly Effective Covid Treatment Joe Biden Won't Tell You about."
. Dot "The Blood on Joe Biden's Hands."
. Dot "Wait -- the Taliban Offered Control of Kabul to US Forces . . . and We Turned Them Down?"
. Dot "Critical Thinking 091."
. Dot "Horowitz: 15 Studies that Indicate Natural Immunity from Prior Infection Is More Robust than the COVID Vaccines." Why is it the government isn't accepting this fact?
. Dot "Chilling Audio Reveals Disturbing Actions Taliban Took Immediately after US Withdrawal: Report." I suspect thousands will be murdered. And those murders are murders Joe Biden could have prevented.
. Dot "Natural Immunity Offers 13x Better Protection against Delta Variant than Pfizer Vaccine: Study." Why is the government demanding those with natural immunity get the "vaccine?" Something very bad is going on here.
. Dot "It Is Far More Sinister than You Think."
. Dot "So, Biden Could Have Taken out the Kabul Suicide Bomber but Didn't?" And the reason will make your blood boil.
. Dot "The Government and CDC Are Lying about COVID-19 Vaccine and Ivermectin; The Question Is Why?" Indeed!
. Dot "Biden Admin Blocking Private Flights from Evacuating Americans out of Afghanistan: Report." Looks like Biden is preventing the evacuation because it might make him look bad. I don't think Biden could look any worse.
. Dot "Biden Admin Stopped Planes Chartered by Glenn Beck Charity from Taking off, Handed Manifest over to Taliban." If true, this is unacceptable! (And I suspect it is true.)
. Dot "National Archives Posts 'Harmful Content' Warning on Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Other Founding Documents." Is this a very, very bad joke, or has the Left gone totally bonkers?
. Dot "Game-Changer? In Places Where Ivermectin Is Used to Fight Parasites, Medical Group Notices Something Huge."
. Dot "The Top Reason I Hate Masks Is They Force Me to Live by Lies."
. Dot "MASS PSYCHOSIS -- How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL." (Video.) Is this where we are?
. Dot "'You're Lucky You Weren't Beheaded': Afghan Journalists Beaten, Kicked, Crushed by Taliban for Covering Women's Rights Protest Thought They Were Going to Die." You mean Taliban people aren't sweet and gentlemanly like the Biden administration says they are? Who would have guessed?
. Dot "Biden and Blinken Caught in Leaked Email -- Evidence Confirms State Dept. Is Blocking Chartered Rescue Flights." Biden wants to help Afghans and harm (leave to die) Americans.
. Dot "Transgender Athletes Joined Her High School Track Team | Underreported." (Video.)
. Dot "Will Fauci Be Held Accountable for Lying to Congress?" Doubt it. Democrats are not held accountable for lying to Congress. Or for that matter, lying to the public.
. Dot "Left Doesn't Just Want to Censor You on Social Media. It Also Wants to Close Your Bank Accounts."
. Dot "Could This Be Why Biden's Exit from Afghanistan Was a Total Fiasco?" Or could it be that quid pro quo Joe doesn't have a clue? Or perhaps that he's being black-mailed.
. Dot "The Story of Ivermectin." It's a long video (25 minutes), but it has information that will shock and anger you. And for good reason.
. Dot "World Religion, the Last Piece Needed to Establish a World Order."
. Dot "The Government and CDC Are Lying about COVID-19 Vaccine and Ivermectin." Biden is pushing a "vaccine" that is not only ineffective, it is killing people.
. Dot "Non-Compliant." A Long video, but one that taught me several things I didn't know, but should know.


. Dot "The President May Have Actually Fallen Asleep While Meeting with Another World Leader."
. Dot "Exclusive from Gen. Flynn: We Are in the Midst of a Fascist Power Grab, but We the People Still Have Options."
. Dot "Report: U.S. Special Forces Vets 'Secretly Rescued' Hundreds of Afghan Allies 'Left for Dead' Amid Biden Withdrawal." Doing what Biden said was absolutely impossible to do.
. Dot "Eric Daniels: Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand." (Video.)
. Dot "Biden 'Will Remember' U.K. Politician's 'Offensive' Remarks on His Mental Acuity with His 'Long Memory:' Report." He can't even remember the name of his own secretary of defense!
. Dot "Five Ways to Deal with the COVID Karens in Your Life."
. Dot "Biden Is a Dirtbag Who's Always Exploited Tragedy."
. Dot "Joe Biden Doesn't Know the Difference between an Abrams Tank and a Septic Tank."
. Dot "Biden's State Department Hangs up on US Citizen Trapped in Afghanistan, Now He's Fearing for His Life."
. Dot "Anti-Biden Diner Overwhelmed with Customers."
. Dot "Report: Taliban Making Demands, Holding 'Hostage' Americans and Others Cleared to Leave Afghanistan." Is anyone Surprised? Other than Joe Biden, of course.
. Dot "Watch: Latest Virus with Pandemic Qualities NOT a COVID Variant."
. Dot "Something Sickening Just Happened to a Memorial for the 13 Service Members Killed in Kabul."
. Dot "Elizabeth Warren Asks Amazon to Ban Books, Products Spreading 'COVID-19 Misinformation'." And just who endowed Ms. Warren with the title of "Knower of All Truth?" Oh, that's right, she did. You must what Ms. Warren believes. Or you'll be banned.
. Dot "TITANIC The Shocking Truth."
. Dot "Why Larry Elder Will Win the California Recall Election . . . but He Will Lose a Rigged Election."


. Dot "Own Your Failure Biden Voters."
. Dot "There's a Problem in the Upper Reaches of Our Military." An existential problem.
. Dot "Kellyanne Has Quite the Response to Being Told to Resign or Be Removed from Military Academy Advisory Board."


. Dot "Military Removes Crosses after Soldiers Allegedly Complain." If soldiers can't see a cross without reacting in horror, what do you suppose will happen when they arrive on the battle field?

Special Links . Star Star Star Star Star

. Dot "MVCSC School Board Meeting -- 8/6/21." Very interesting information about Covid19. (Video starts at 15:00 and lasts for about six minutes.) I haven't heard anyone else say this.
. Dot "Open Letter to US Legislators from Dr. Li-Meng Yan." China is systematically destroying the United States of America. The Left is fine with that.
. Dot "Hyperinflation of Death Certificates: Did the CDC Defraud the American People?" So it seems.
. Dot "EXCLUSIVE!!! The Lawsuit We've Been Waiting for. Fauci and His COVID-19 Henchmen Sued to Personally Pay for Their Abuses."
. Dot "The COVID-19 Vaccine Kill Shot Heard around the World." This is so negative, you may wish to skip it. Is it true? I have no way of knowing.
. Dot "The Drug that Cracked COVID." This is a long story, but a vital one. I highly recommend it.
. Dot "Tucker Drops FBI Bombshell: Jan. 6 Organizers 'Were Almost Certainly Working for the FBI'."
. Dot "A Group of Parents Sent Their Kids' Face Masks to a Lab for Analysis. Here's What They Found." Masks on kids is child abuse.
. Dot "Top Immunologist and 'Pro-Vaccine' Doctor Issues Urgent Warning." I think you'll find the recording interesting.
. Dot "CDC Admits at Least 96% of Deaths from Covid19 Were Wrong." Why do you suppose you haven't seen this in any headlines or on any news programs?
. Dot "Rock Solid Proof of Election Fraud." Will this finally reveal all the election fraud?
. Dot "The Truth about the Coronavirus." This will absolutely astound you.
. Dot "What the Great Reset Will Really Do to You." It will make freedom a thing of the past.
. Dot "Courts Repeatedly Refused to Consider Trump's Election Claims on the Merits." There's a phrase that describes this: "Justice denied." And America's democracy may now be forever corrupted.
. Dot "Absolute Proof." Of election fraud during the November 2020 election. This is a two-hour video. I suggest you jump ahead to 1:36:17 to see the description of cyber attacks and how they affected the election outcome.
. Dot "H.R. 127: A New Bill in Congress Would Literally End Your 2nd Amendment Rights Permanently." A major step in taking your freedoms away. A major step toward gun confiscation. A major step toward destroying America as you knew it. Biden and company are doing what we thought they would.
. Dot "The Fraud of Climate Change and the Drive for Control." Have you even heard of Agenda 21?
. Dot "The Anarchy on Our Streets Started in 2016, when the Democrats Renounced Democracy." So it is confirmed: Democrats have destroyed America.
. Dot "Obama's Coup Is Complete."
. Dot "Yes, It Was a Stolen Election." It is official: Biden did not win the election. Also: our country has been overwhelmingly corrupted by Democrats. They have thrown the idea of law and order right out the window.
. Dot "Are Face Masks Effective? The Evidence." The actual science may surprise you.

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Miscellaneous Image

Miscellaneous Image

(Received in an email dated July 23, 2021. Thanks, Michael.)

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Perhaps of Interest

Perhaps of Interest

Whites and Blacks on TV

A spreadsheet of TV commercials was kept over a 4 month period. The results are stunning. White men have all but disappeared. Excluding white male athletes, the white men that are in commercials are either old, ugly, and sick, or they are the partner of a black woman and have no speaking part. In 3 of the commercials, the white men are doing laundry and always paired with a little girl to whom they are delivering the clean clothes.

There were zero commercials of white fathers and sons. None! Equally disturbing, young white boys and teens have also disappeared. In the study, it was found that a majority of the children were white girls with a black "brother." Amazingly, in the month of December, there was a temporary increase in good-looking white male models. In each and every case it was a cologne commercial and every one of those commercials was made in Europe where they still use muscular, masculine white men. One insurance commercial featured a good-looking white guy in his 20s. He was so mind-bumbling stupid that he was incapable of delivering his lines and couldn't even say "Liberty Mutual" the insurance company featured in the commercials.

Over a period of 4 months, it was concluded that while the African American population in America is only 12% they were in 94.3% of the commercials. Black males are only 5% of our population yet were in 89.7% of the ads. White males make up the largest segment of our population, yet were only in 4% of the TV commercials!

They just keep shoving this persuasive propaganda down our throats and influencing the thinking of America especially our youth. We also need to keep questioning what is being taught in our schools. There are curriculums being implemented to shape and influence the thinking of our youth. They are taking out individuality and critical thinking in the classroom and in public. Is this part of the Democratic socialistic plan? Tired of all the BS? Tired of the BLM movement outrageous demands? Wake up America. Take a stand and fight back. Being the silent majority isn't working anymore.

(Received in an email dated August 25, 2021. Thanks, Bill. I can't verify this information.)

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A teenage boy had just passed his driving test and inquired of his father as to when they could discuss his use of the car. His father said he'd make a deal with his son. "You bring your grades up from a C to a B average, study your Bible a little, and get your hair cut. Then we'll talk about the car."

The boy thought about that for a moment, decided he'd settle for the offer, and they agreed on it. After about six weeks his father said, "Son, you've brought your grades up and I've observed that you have been studying your Bible, but I'm disappointed you haven't had your hair cut."

The boy said, "You know, Dad, I've been thinking about that, and I've noticed in my studies of the Bible that Samson had long hair, John the Baptist had long hair, Moses had long hair, and there's even strong evidence Jesus had long hair.”

The father replied, "Did you also notice they all walked everywhere they went?"

Received in an email dated August 29, 2021. Thanks, Bill.

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. . . .the Door" by Jason Silver, from the
. . . .album "12 Girlfriends."
. . . .Dot "Just with a Smile," -- a melody and
. . . .Lyrics I've written and sung to "Ready,"
. . . .by Phil Garrod & Scot Schreer.
. . . .Dot "Plus & Minus." It's a new card game.
. . . .Dot Old Timers Salute the Poughkeepsie
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