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Photo of the week.
So, how long will it be before the U.S. Supreme Court is packed with enough liberals to overthrow the U.S. Constitution? Six months? A year? More? Less?

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(A brief comment for this week.)


"The problem isn't that Johnny can't read. The problem isn't even that Johnny can't think. The problem is that Johnny doesn't know what thinking is; he confuses it with feeling." -- Thomas Sowell.


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Education and Propaganda

. Dot "Graphic Sexual Content Assigned to Texas Students; Dissenting Parents Harassed with Anti-Christian . . . 'D**ks'."
. Dot "San Diego Migrant Children to Receive in-Person Learning as Local Students Remain Locked out." Looks like Biden in more interested in encouraging future Democrat votes than in educating Americans.
. Dot "'Dig Deep:' Students at Catholic School Instructed to Describe How They Benefit from White Privilege." Teaching self hate like this is unacceptable. Everyone is harmed!
. Dot "Watch: Parents Slam Arizona School Board for Proposing Woke Equity Guide to Elementary Schoolers."
. Dot "Texas Student Activists Enraged at Conservative Group for Putting Bible Verses in Easter Eggs." Just imagine the agony: There's an Easter egg, that you can ignore if you choose, and it has a few words from the Bible hidden inside. Can you imagine how terrifying that would be? To anyone who is hopelessly stupid and scared of his or her own shadow?
. Dot "Connecticut School Shows Cartoon to Second Graders of Man with Erection Standing over 'Sad' Girl." What are our schools doing to our children? This is utterly disgraceful! And unacceptable!
. Dot "Woke Colleges."
. Dot "Watch: Student Refuses to Bite as Teacher Tries to Force Discussion on Race."
. Dot "Everyone in San Francisco Will Be Cancelled for 15 Minutes." Racism, racism, racism.

Global-Warming Nonsense and the Leftist Environmental Movement

. Dot "It Takes Big Energy to Back up Little Wind and Solar."
. Dot "Biden's Social Cost of Carbon Delusion." It's astronomical.
. Dot "CBS Blames Climate Change for Border Crisis, Not Biden."
. Dot "FLASHBACK: Climate Czar John Kerry Said in 2009 that Arctic Summer Ice Would Disappear in 5 Years." And of course it hasn't, but John Kerry expects you to believe everything he says.

Government Run Amuck

. Dot "JUST IN: Ted Cruz Publishes Shocking Photos of Child Migrants inside Biden's Border Facility." Imagine if Donald Trump treated children this way.
. Dot "Watch: The New Legislation that Will Destroy the NYPD for Good." Proposed by . . . a Democrat. Of course.
. Dot "Almost $12,000 a Month for a Hotel Room for One Illegal Immigrant." You can thank the Biden-Harris administration. You're paying for it.
. Dot "Whopping Irregularities 'Could Have Easily Swung' Elections: Alarming Audit Results in Montana." Not only in Montana.
. Dot "Watch: They Say This Is Not a Crisis?"
. Dot "Hazard: City to Spend $36K to Pave over 'Black Lives Matter' Painted on Road." Seems rather typical of government stupidity.
. Dot "Watch: Smugglers Literally Dropping Babies across Border Wall as Biden Does Nothing."
. Dot "13 States Say the Treasury Department Is Violating States' Rights." States' rights and socialism are incompatible.
. Dot "New York Finalizing Plan to Send Many Illegal Immigrants $20,000 Checks."
. Dot "The 'Insurrection' Probe Is Falling Apart." It's about time. No, it's way past time.
. Dot "Fearful of Virus or Losing Power, Biden 'Passport' Plan Is Coming."
. Dot "The Democrats' COVID-19 Double Standard."
. Dot "Fact Check Exposes the Truth about Biden's Tax Plan for America."
. Dot "CUOMO CASH: Illegal Immigrants in NY to Get $1.1B More in Taxpayer-Funded Aid than Small Businesses." I'm so, so glad I no longer live in the state of New York.


. Dot "Political Cartoon."
. Dot "';l;;gmlxzssaw,' the Viral Tweet from Stratcom, Who Control U.S. Nuclear Arsenal, Was Sent by a 'Small Child'." I am not amused.

The Media, Including Social Media

. Dot "Liberal Media Ratings Plummeting as Fictional Horror They Sold under Trump Admin Comes to an End."
. Dot "Trump Says There's Hope for a 2024 Run during Viral Interview -- and Facebook Yanks Video, Saying 'Voice of Donald Trump' Is Not Allowed on Platform." But it allows many voices of hate and destruction.
. Dot "CNN: There Is 'No Consensus Criteria for Assigning Sex at Birth'." CNN seems intent to reduce its audience to zero. Statements like this should do it.
. Dot "This Site Sees Censorship as Just the Beginning, Moderating Reality Is the Next Step."
. Dot "Australian T.V.: Biden Is Illiterate, Incoherent & Cognitively Deficient." Nailed it.
. Dot "Like It Never Even Happened."
. Dot "Here's Why You Can Never Trust the U.S. News Media Again."

Must-Read (or Must-View or Must-Listen)

. Star Star Star Star Star
. Dot "Rock Solid Proof of Election Fraud." Will this finally reveal all the election fraud? Not unless people look at it.

. Dot "'It's Demonic:' Concerned Mothers Mourn How Trans Movement Is 'Devouring' Sons, Find Solace in Secret Online Group."
. Dot "Biden & Democrats: 'American Lives Don't Matter'." Nor does a free America.
. Dot "The Biden Cabal's Fragile Facade Continues to Collapse." And the country suffers beyond imagination.
. Dot "The 'Most TERRIFYING Story I Have EVER Had to Report:' Glenn Beck Reveals Newly Approved CA School Curriculum." Part of the transformation of America. To destroy it.
. Dot "Australian Journalist: Biden Making World 'More Dangerous,' Destroying Military with 'Wokesters'." I couldn't agree more.
. Dot "Senators Are Shocked to Find out How Much Has Been Hidden from the Public." When you see the massive numbers of people illegally streaming into the country, think about the Cloward-Piven Strategy. I think this strategy is at work here. And it may achieve its objective.
. Dot "An FBI so Corrupt It Lets Mass Shooters Rampage Needs to Go." It all seems a part of a plan to take over the country and institute one-party rule. And the plan seems very successful so far.
. Dot "Lonestar Bias: Texas Election Officials Received $36 Million to Turn State Blue." I believe it will be blue in 2024 or at least by 2028. And a Republican will never again be elected President. And of course, that's precisely the plan.
. Dot "Dick Morris: Biden Bribes Manchin with $163K Job to Wife." There are two ways to bribe politicians. With carrots. Or sticks. I believe both techniques are being used by Democrats.
. Dot "Reports Indicate Vaccines Causing More Injuries, Deaths than Natural COVID-19 Infections." Are these reports true? I have absolutely no idea. It is very hard to know what to believe these days.
. Dot "VACCINE TEAM | Are People Dying from the Vaccines?" The CDC says no. But do you believe the CDC? I'm reluctant to.
. Dot "Horowitz: WHO Data: Ivermectin Reduces COVID Mortality by 81%. Also WHO: We Still Don't Recommend It." What? Is WHO our friend . . . or enemy? Easy question.
. Dot "Biden's 'Infrastructure' Bill Spends More on Electric Vehicles than Highways, Bridges, and Roads." Why is it spending anything on electric vehicles?
. Dot "Biden Plans to Tax Businesses at a Higher Rate than Communist China Does." That's supposed to make people feel good? As our country suficates itself?
. Dot "Delta CEO Opposes Georgia's Voter ID Law, but ID Is Required to Board Airplanes." Delta's CEO is sounding very stupid.
. Dot "To Understand Why Racism Isn't the Problem, Look to South Africa's Pilanesberg Park." Amazing wisdom few seem willing to listen to.
. Dot "Vaccination Passports: The Cornerstone of a Totalitarian State." How soon before it's the law? This year? Next month?
. Dot "Chinese Communists' Germ Warfare Research." It's obvious the Chinese released the COVID-19 virus to infect the world. The most important question is whether the release was unintentional or intentional. More and more, I'm thinking it was intentional. Two results: it got Donald Trump booted from the White House, and it seriously damaged the U.S. economy. Both were high on the Chinese wish list. After all, the Wuhan Laboratory has been working closely with the communist Chinese military. Are we supposed to ignore that?
. Dot "After Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx Criticized the COVID Task Force, Dr. Scott Atlas Couldn't Stay Silent." Some people don't like it when the truth is denied.
. Dot "Are Voter ID Laws Racist?" Answer: whites think so, blacks do not. (Video interviews.) It seems Democrats who think voter ID laws are racist . . . are racist.
. Dot "The Leftist Georgia Strategy: Saul Alinsky Vs. America."
. Dot "Everyone Should Be Asking Who's Managing Joe Biden?" Good question. I was just talking about this with a friend yesterday.
. Dot "Fight Left-Wing Lies with . . . Facts." (The Left won't tolerate that.)
. Dot "The Ruined Generation."
. Dot "Mask-Wearing Represents Fear and Blind Obedience, Not Science."
. Dot "10 Radical New Rules that Are Changing America." For the worse!
. Dot "This Teacher Says Left Has Turned Public Schools into 'Indoctrination Centers'." And what's being done about it? Nothing. The indoctrination accelerates.
. Dot "The Resegregation of America." What will stop it?
. Dot "Silicon Valley's Smuggling Apps." The social media people think they're just fine.


. Dot "Did Something Happen in Boulder?"
. Dot "Why Girls Become Boys." (Actually, of course, they can't.)
. Dot "Sorry, Fauci, Johns Hopkins Doctor Declares We're Close to COVID Herd Immunity."
. Dot "Tech CEO Sounds the Alarm on what Vaccine Passports Really Mean."
. Dot "Social Justice Activist Claims Police K9's Nickname Was 'Hurting People in the Community'." I'm glad I don't live in that community. I feel sorry for the people who do.
. Dot "Hunter Made a Shocking Admission about His Gun Scandal in Text Messages." Sounds like Hunter is one very sick puppy.
. Dot "Foster Family Kicked out of Their Home to Make Room for Migrant Children."
. Dot "Biden Dog Bites Second Victim at White House." I wonder if those bitten are conservatives.
. Dot "Oh, So That's Why the Pentagon's Woke Czar Was Reassigned."
. Dot "US Olympic Committee Gives Green Light to Kneeling for Anthem, Other Political Statements." Showing hatred of America on an international stage. Why would any American-loving person allow that? It seems clear: only an American-hating person would allow that.
. Dot "Georgia House Votes to Strip Delta of $35 Million Tax Credit for Flipping on Election Law Support." Words have consequences.
. Dot "Severely Disabled Man Suffers Consequences of Paying Americans Not to Work."
. Dot "Follow the Science." (A PragerU video.)
. Dot "Analyst: Gas Prices Could Hit $3 Per Gallon Soon, Biden Having a 'Profound Impact'." And then, how much higher after that?
. Dot "Crime Heading to a Neighborhood Near You." (If it's not there already.)
. Dot "Trump Was Right: Everyone Can Get COVID Vaccine in April." Donald Trump has been right time after time, when others get it terribly wrong time after time.
. Dot "Army Women Flunking First Try at 'Gender-Neutral' Fitness Test."
. Dot "Goodbye to My Brother -- for Now."
. Dot "Gun Confiscation." (Cartoon.)
. Dot "Explosive Report: Hunter Biden Finally Brought Down -- 26-Year FBI Vet Nailed Him -- Dynasty in Ruins."
. Dot "Had Obama Not Played the Race Card, George Floyd Might Be Alive." Interesting idea.
. Dot "The 'Unvaccinated' Question."


. Dot "Biden Is Priming America for Kamala's Takeover with this Insane Move." I'm guessing Kamala will be in the White House before the end of July. 2021!
. Dot "Biden: Passports for Americans, Not Illegals." Imagine the control the government will hold over you. Actually life and death control.
. Dot "Young Not Stupid: If Only 6% of Biden's Infrastructure Bill Is for Infrastructure, What's the Other 94% for?" It's for the Democrats!
. Dot "States Fight Back against Biden War on the West."


. Dot "The American Civil War Is over Judeo-Christian Values."
. Dot "For First Time Ever, Majority of Americans Don't Belong to a Church or Other House of Worship."
. Dot "Polish Pastor Chases Cops out of Church on Easter Weekend: ‘Get Out! You Nazis!’." A success story.
. Dot "Report: China Detaining Christians in Windowless 'Transformation' Facilities, Using 'Brainwashing' to Get Them to Renounce Their Faith." Just imagine what will happen to you, when China takes over the world.

Special Links

. Star Star Star Star Star
. Dot "Rock Solid Proof of Election Fraud." Will this finally reveal all the election fraud?

. Star Star Star Star Star
. Dot "The Truth about the Coronavirus." This will absolutely astound you.

. Star Star Star Star Star
. Dot "What the Great Reset Will Really Do to You." It will make freedom a thing of the past.

. Star Star Star Star Star
. Dot "Courts Repeatedly Refused to Consider Trump's Election Claims on the Merits." There's a phrase that describes this: "Justice denied." And America's democracy may now be forever corrupted.

. Star Star Star Star Star
. Dot "Absolute Proof." Of election fraud during the November 2020 election. This is a two-hour video. I suggest you jump ahead to 1:36:17 to see the description of cyber attacks and how they affected the election outcome.

. Star Star Star Star Star
. Dot "H.R. 127: A New Bill in Congress Would Literally End Your 2nd Amendment Rights Permanently." A major step in taking your freedoms away. A major step toward gun confiscation. A major step toward destroying America as you knew it. Biden and company are doing what we thought they would.

. Star Star Star Star Star
. Dot "The Fraud of Climate Change and the Drive for Control." Have you even heard of Agenda 21?

. Star Star Star Star Star
. Dot "The Anarchy on Our Streets Started in 2016, when the Democrats Renounced Democracy." So it is confirmed: Democrats have destroyed America.

. Star Star Star Star Star
. Dot "Obama's Coup Is Complete."

. Star Star Star Star Star
. Dot "Yes, It Was a Stolen Election." It is official: Biden did not win the election. Also: our country has been overwhelmingly corrupted by Democrats. They have thrown the idea of law and order right out the window.

. Star Star Star Star Star
. Dot "Are Face Masks Effective? The Evidence." The actual science may surprise you.

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Miscellaneous Image

Miscellaneous Image

(Received in an email dated February 17, 2021. Thanks, Michael.)

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Perhaps of Interest

Perhaps of Interest

Combating Racism with Racism

"In order to counter 'systemic racism and inequality,' NBC Universal is launching a 'multiplatform journalism training' program that will be staffed only -- you guessed it! -- with people of certain races and genders. The $100 million plan involves partnering with historically black colleges and Hispanic schools to train Latino, Asian American, Pacific Islander, black, indigenous, tribal, gay, lesbian, queer and transgender journalists, among other 'diverse' candidates. Heterosexual white people need not apply."


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A Jewish man was leaving a convenience store with his espresso when he noticed a most unusual Italian funeral procession approaching the nearby cemetery. A black hearse was followed by a second black hearse about 50 feet behind the first one. Behind the second hearse was a solitary Italian man walking a dog on a leash. Behind him, a short distance back, were about 200 men walking single file. The man couldn't stand the curiosity. He respectfully approached the Italian man walking the dog and said, "I am so sorry for your loss, and this may be a bad time to disturb you, but I've never seen an Italian funeral like this. Whose funeral is it?"

"My wife's."

"What happened to her?"

"She yelled at me and my dog attacked and killed her."

He inquired further, "But who is in the second hearse?"

The Italian man answered, "My mother-in-law. She was trying to help my wife when the dog turned on her."

A very poignant and touching moment of Jewish and Italian brotherhood and silence passed between the two men. The Jewish man then asked "Can I borrow the dog?"

The Italian man replied, "Get in line."

(Received in an email dated March 31, 2021. Thanks, Bill.)

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Dot " Circles."
Dot " Enjoy the Moment," -- a song I've written and sung. Lyrics.
Dot " I'm Thankful," -- a melody and lyrics I've written and sung to "There Is the Door" by Jason Silver, from the album "12 Girlfriends." Lyrics.
Dot " Just with a Smile," -- a melody and lyrics I've written and sung to "Ready," by Phil Garrod & Scot Schreer. Lyrics.
Dot "Plus & Minus." It's a new card game. Try it out and let me know what you think. (Send your comments to
Dot Old Timers Salute the Poughkeepsie Newyorkers
Dot There's a Train in My Kitchen
Dot Wild, Wild Shoes and Boots
Dot Wild, Wild Shoes and Boots II
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Dot Shoes and Boots -- A Collection

My Son Tim's Adventures
Dot 1985: Tokyo, Hong Kong
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Dot " The Culling"

My Travels
Dot 1982: Africa Safari
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