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Photo of the week.
Quid pro quo Joe (Biden). (Reference.) More corruption.

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A Sampling of My Articles:

Dot A Few Words about Diversity
Dot A Few Words about Reparations
Dot A Few Words about White Privilege
Dot A Look at Global Warming
Dot A Look at Islam
Dot Airport Security
Dot Al Gore's Big Announcement
Dot Alex in Wonderland
Dot Another Presidential Candidate
Dot Banned Words
Dot Hate
Dot Hillary, Was That You?
Dot I Used to Think . . .
Dot Internet Scam
Dot Janet and Jack
Dot Marriage and Family
Dot Of Course You're a Racist
Dot The Beehive
Dot The Despicables Museum
Dot The Racism Hoax
Dot The Social Scene
Dot The Story of Christine
Dot The "What Makes Me Happy" Theory
Dot To Bring This Fine President Down
Dot What Leftists Want
Dot What's Marriage?
Dot Which Is It?

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(A brief comment for this week.)


"Socialism is the love of equality."

-- Dennis Prager

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Education and Propaganda

. Dot "Coddling College Campuses and a Crippled Culture."
. Dot "Academic Stupidity and Brainwashing." So plentiful in America's education industry.
. Dot "America's Most Popular History Textbook Awash in Liberal Bias, Reports Reveals." Of course! What's new?
. Dot "British Schoolchildren Are Taught There Are 100-Plus Genders in New Video Series." Very dangerous propaganda. It has nothing to do with education.
. Dot "UC Berkeley offering course titled, 'The Right to Be Lazy: Shifts in Marxist Thought' -- and for Credit."
. Dot "Dartmouth Enables Students to Pretend They're Someone They're Not." Sheer idiocy.
. Dot "Ohio College Normalizes Pedophilia as a 'Sexual Orientation'."
. Dot "California Legislature Passes Bill Mandating Free Abortions at All Colleges and Universities." The killing of living human beings goes on. And on.
. Dot "'Straight out of the Leftist Playbook': Boston U Cuts Shapiro Audience by Half, Imposes Massive Fee." How long will it be before conservatives are charged a fee for simply existing?
. Dot "Freedom on Trial, Not Just Chick-Fil-A." What is it about freedom that Leftists don't like? (One might assume everything.)

Global-Warming Nonsense and the Leftist Environmental Movement

. Dot "Biden Tries to 'Guarantee' End of Fossil Fuels, but Insults Global Warming Activist Instead." Do you want to end the use of fossil fuels? Biden does, as do most of the Democrats running for President. Warning: Life is going to get a whole lot tougher if Democrats take the White House.
. Dot "Green New Deal Backers Need to Practice What They Preach." (It'll never happen.)
. Dot "LOST: Democrats Seize on 'Blue New Deal' to Control Oceans." Of course.
. Dot "Climate Change and the Democrats."
. Dot "The Media Discrimination against Cold Weather." And truth.
. Dot "TIME Declares Climate Change Settled Science, Refuses to Publish Global Warming Skeptics." There was a time when a "flat earth" was "settled science."
. Dot "More Fear Pedaling: AOC Warns that Miami Will Not Be 'Existing in a Few Years'." Do you believe the lies?
. Dot "Fact Check: Jorge Ramos Falsely Claims Greenland Melting at 'Record Pace'." So, why isn't Mr. Ramos laughed right out of his job? Answer: because he's a liberal, and liberals are allowed to lie with no consequences.
. Dot "Ocasio-Cortez: Climate Change Responsible for Illegal Immigration." Do you suppose anyone older than ten would believe this? I hope not!
. Dot "Renewable Energy Will Only Be Possible with Massive Increases in the Supply of Critical Minerals." Leftists don't have a clue.
. Dot "Climate Activists Are Now Flocking to Support Groups to Treat Their 'Eco-Anxiety'." It's hard to believe people (over the age of 12) are stupid enough to believe AOC. And all the other fear mongers.
. Dot "Worried about Global Warming? Consider These Failed Doomsday Forecasts." It's way past time to ignore the environmentalists' fear peddling.
. Dot "Drive a Battery Car; Support Child Labor."
. Dot "End Is Near: Climate Warning Outcomes Since 1967." Are environmentalists ever right?
. Dot "More Buckets of Icy Cold Energy Reality."
. Dot "Hollywood Joins Climate Strike: Kids Will Lead Us Because 'Their Elders Are Just Plain Stupid'." If kids are so wise, why don't we let them vote in elections? The fact is: kids are very impressionable sheep.
. Dot "'Handmaid's Tale' Author Says Climate Change Will Cause More Car Accidents Because of Brain Oxygen Deprivation." Talk of brain oxygen deprivation!

Government Run Amuck

. Dot "Portland: 'Cops Say It's Legal' for Homeless to Defecate in Public."
. Dot "First Medieval, Now Biblical Diseases Come Raging Back as Los Angeles' Homeless Crisis Surges." This doesn't seem to be happening in Republican-controlled cities.
. Dot "California's New Law on Medical Vaccine Exemptions Should Scare You." It scares me.
. Dot "North Carolina Jails Free Hundreds of Illegal Immigrant Criminals Wanted by Feds."
. Dot "McCarthy Promises Accountability as Barr Reviews IG's FISA Report: 'The Closest We've Ever Seen to a Coup'."
. Dot "North Carolina Jails Free Hundreds of Illegal Immigrant Criminals Wanted by Feds." Since when is it okay for cities and states to ignore the law? There's a word for that: anarchy.
. Dot "New Evidence of State Department Efforts to Undermine Trump."It's clear to me Democrats aggressively planned a coup to overthrow Donald Trump's election. Democrats now seem to be saying, "So what!"
. Dot "Ban on Eating Dogs and Cats Blocked in UK -- It Might Offend Asian Migrants."
. Dot "Don't Smile for the Camera."
. Dot "Globalists Continue Their Push for Mandated Vaccines for Everyone, in Every Nation."


The Media

. Dot "Media Fails to Note 6 Murder Suspects Are Illegal Immigrants, MS-13 Gangbangers." Because all illegal immigrants are peaceful and loving. According to the Left.
. Dot "There's a Good Reason People Hate the Media." Good and valid reason.
. Dot "Media Bad-Mouths the Economy Like It Did in 1992." Do you expect the media to tell the truth?
. Dot "Media Hyped 'Wrong' Study Linking Trump Rallies to Hate Crimes, then Ignored Second Study Debunking It." There's a reason people call it "fake news."
. Dot "Study Finds Media Is Losing the 'Fake News' War Badly." As well it should.
. Dot "With Stunning Efficiency, the NYT Is Making an Ironclad Case that They're the Enemy of the People."

Must-Read (or Must-View or Must-Listen)

. Dot "Explosive Lawsuit Alleges Mueller Played Key Role in . . . 9/11 Cover-Up?! This Is Crazy!" This is outrageous!
. Dot "Public/Private Partnerships, Redistributing Our Wealth by the Millions and Billions."
. Dot "LGBT Activists Seek to Destroy Christianity." Absolutely.
. Dot "Are American Public Schools Becoming Monster Factories?" Apparently, yes.
. Dot "Is Google Voter Manipulation Real?" I believe it absolutely is. And I believe it's influencing voters right now, today!
. Dot "Parkland Father Exposes How Killer Was Enabled by Obama's School-Leniency Policies." Democrats don't want you to know about this.
. Dot "Studies Find No Evidence that Assault Weapon Bans Reduce Homicide Rates." Do facts matter today?
. Dot "Oh My, So That's Why Christine Blasey Ford's Father Didn't Come to Her Defense Against Kavanaugh." So, who is going to jail for perjury? Oh, I forgot, Democrats don't have to follow rules that Republicans must follow.
. Dot "Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims 'We Didn't Lock People Up in Cages'." So many lies. So many people believe them.
. Dot "The Key to Unhappiness." Interesting. (A PragerU video.)
. Dot "After First Massive Gun Grab Failed, New Zealand Is Now Gearing Up for This." Key sentence in article: "The last we reported on it, 700 weapons had been turned over to the New Zealand government out of an estimated 1.5 million guns in the country overall." People don't like the idea of giving up their right to defend themselves. I don't blame them!
. Dot "REPORT: Over a Million Households Have Risen to Middle Class under Trump, According to Census Data." Democrats are not happy about this.
. Dot "Norfolk, VA Police Chief Just Dropped Painful Truth Bomb about Crime Stats Leftists Will Not Want to Hear." Because it proves leftists have been lying. Again.
. Dot "Goodbye, America." I strongly recommend this PragerU video.
. Dot "Dems' Health Care Whoppers." It seems Democrats can't help themselves. They lie. A lot.
. Dot "The Smearing of Brett Kavanaugh Is an Attack on the Supreme Court." And a big attack on America and its future.
. Dot "Revealed: Deep State and Hillary Operatives Worked with Ukrainian Government to Take Down Trump." Explosive! Collusion with the Ukrainian Government by Hillary Clinton! What do you bet the mainstream media will ignore this story?


. Dot "Planned Parenthood Partner Admits Selling Intact Heads and Brains from Aborted Babies." Absolutely no respect for life, no respect for human beings. Brutally sad.
. Dot "Study Confirms Genes Don't Determine Homosexuality." All the studies reach the same conclusion. The Left's conclusion: We need more studies.
. Dot "41-Year-Old Disabled Man Euthanized after Government Health Officials Decide to Cut Funding for in-Home Care."
. Dot "NYU Warns LA about Outbreak of Medieval Disease."
. Dot "Cannibalism Trending in Southern California." The world is going crazy. (Perhaps it's already there.)
. Dot "Judge Calls Facebook's Views on Privacy 'So Wrong' as He Allows Lawsuit to Proceed." Good!
. Dot "145 CEOs Sign Letter Asking Senate to Restrict Rights of Innocent Americans [List]." I'm amazed at how many ostensibly smart people want to take away a fundamental freedom from Americans: the freedom to protect yourself.
. Dot "United Kingdom Sees 4000% Increase in Children Seeking This Dangerous Medical Procedure." Scary!
. Dot "Australian Couple Travels Through Asia to 'Break Stigma' of Countries Getting a 'Bad Rap.' They're Reportedly in Jail in Iran." Theory thereby proven false.
. Dot "The Incredibly Low Standards for 'Treating' Gender-Confused Children." It's child abuse. Absolutely no doubt.
. Dot "The Asinine Menu Change Burger King Made to Appease Muslims." Apparently, anything to appease Muslims.
. Dot "Illegal Immigrant Threatens Dog at Knifepoint in New Hampshire." Clearly, we need better knife control. Maybe the government should initiate a knife buy-back program.
. Dot "Rapid DNA-Testing Reveals Third of Migrants Lying about Family Relationship to Children."
. Dot "GOP Senators Slam Facebook for Labeling Pro-Life Group as Fake News Based on Abortionists' Advice."
. Dot "Macaulay Culkin: Hollywood Elites Murder Children and Make Sick Trophies Using This . . .." This is very, very, very hard to believe.
. Dot "Beto the Furry Is Less Amusing when He Calls for Violence against American Citizens."
. Dot "The Problem with Pretending."
. Dot "Steven Mosher: I Witnessed in China the Population Control Policies Bernie Sanders Wants for America."
. Dot "Farrell: How Many Democrats Think Gun-Owning Americans Are Terrorists?"
. Dot "Cannibalism Is Trending in Southern California, And this Is Not a Joke." It's certainly not funny.
. Dot "Racist Exam Questions?"
. Dot "Bombshell: Original Kavanaugh Accuser's Witness Was Threatened to Lie about Judicial Nominee." This is a big deal. But the mainstream media won't treat it so.
. Dot "N.Y. Cops Shoot Career Criminal in Shootout. Onlookers Yell Death Wishes at Cops." Big trouble coming.
. Dot "Depravity: When This Prolific Abortionist Died, Here's What They Found in His House."
. Dot "Comedian Chelsea Handler Insists that White People Should Take Racial Sensitivity Classes, Be 'Uncomfortable' about Their Whiteness." I'm not uncomfortable about my whiteness. I'm uncomfortable about Chelsea Handler. And all leftists as dumb as she is.
. Dot "Michelle Malkin Explains what the 'Ultimate Magnet' for Illegal Aliens Really Is." It does not benefit the country. Quite to the contrary.
. Dot "Facebook Admits in Court Filing that It Is a Publisher, Opening Itself up to Libel Suits -- Admits to Conservative Censorship." Let the lawsuits begin.


. Dot "WATCH: Christine Blasey Ford Attorney Admits on Video Client's Testimony Was Politically Motivated." Some people pay a heavy price for lying in court. Apparently CBF won't. She's a Democrat.
. Dot "Democrat Beto O'Rourke: Americans Will Gladly Turn Over Their Guns (VIDEO)." And give up their Constitution-guaranteed right to protect themselves? Give up your guns and you'll give up your freedom. And that's exactly what Democrats want.
. Dot "Reconstruction: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly." (PragerU video.) I bet you'll learn some things. I did.
. Dot "What Democrats Are Really Pushing." (It isn't pretty.)
. Dot "The Equation that Explains Evil."
. Dot "Democrats Once Again Embrace Population Control to Save the Planet."
. Dot "Report: Democrat Staff Took Secret Trips to Mexico, Coached Illegals on How to Exploit Immigration Laws."
. Dot "Leftists Throw an 'Impeach Trump' Event. No One Shows Up."
. Dot "O'Rourke Declares 'Right' to Live Close to Work; Rich Should 'Be Forced' to Live among Poor." Nitwit.
. Dot "HA! Watch what Happens when the NRA Confronts Eric 'Nuke 'Em' Swalwell."
. Dot "James Clyburn: 'There would Be Strong Support against the Bill of Rights' Today." Yes, but only from Leftists and others who hate America.
. Dot "Mass Incarceration Saved Black America." Democrats don't like it.
. Dot "Trump Campaign to Pull Ultimate Troll During Democrat-Socialist Debate in Houston."
. Dot "Report: Democrats, Supported by Clinton White House, Trained Thousands of Operatives to Infiltrate Radio Talk Shows." And to lie in the process.
. Dot "FLASHBACK: When Beto Said If You Own an AR-15, You Should Keep It." Can you believe any Democrat?
. Dot "O'Rourke: Hell Yes, We're Going to Take Your AR-15, Your AK-47." You want to protect yourself? Not if the Democrats get their way.
. Dot "Elizabeth Warren's Gasp-Worthy Slap at the Rich." Democrats want to take your guns . . . and your money.
. Dot "Socialism Offers 'Security' of State Control but Demands Surrender of Individual Responsibility." It's a lesson too few Americans have learned.
. Dot "Democratic Socialists and Disneyland."
. Dot "Truck Circles Dem Debate with Searing Message: 'Abortion Separates Children from Their Families'." A very true statement.
. Dot "Trump Celebrates Historic Admin Milestone, Here's Why It's So Important."
. Dot "Seriously? Bernie Wants to Ban All Deportations." Seems many Democrats care more, much more, about illegals than American citizens.
. Dot "FLASHBACK: Kamala Admits She Will Send Law Enforcement to Confiscate Americans' Firearms." Democrats don't trust Americans to own firearms. That turns the whole idea -- "We the People" -- on its head.
. Dot "Jerry Nadler's Troubling History." I think Nadler is a nasty person. He should be voted out of office! The sooner, the better.
. Dot "The Second Amendment Was Written to Defend against Alyssa Milano and Beto O'Rourke Alike."
. Dot "California Bans State-Funded Travel to Iowa. Ted Cruz Hilariously Educates Them." Funny.
. Dot "The Alternative History of the United States." Hatred of America is broad and deep, mostly held by Democrats.
. Dot "Jim Jordan Says Comey, Mueller, and Lewandowski Have Something in Common."
. Dot "BREAKING: New Evidence Shows Cory Booker, Kamala Harris and Others Were in on the Jussie Smollett Hoax." Very interesting. Oh, the corruption extends far beyond what we could have imagined.
. Dot "Are Congressional Democrats Directing Social Media Censorship of Conservatives?" Looks like it.
. Dot "Facebook Incites Violent War on ICE." ICE is following the laws passed by Congress. Protestors ought to be protesting the laws, not the people who are charged to uphold them. I think the "violent war" is actually directed at America.
. Dot "BREAKING: Trump Just EXPOSED the Terrifying Truth about Obama's Deep State Leakers. It's BAD."


. Dot "Fractured Families, Failure to Worship God Contribute to Culture of Brokenness."
. Dot "Baptist Church in Michigan Cancels 9/11 Event to Appease Terror-Backed Group. No, Really."
. Dot "Help Get this Anti-Semitic Islamist off this HR Commission."
. Dot "Moments after National Tragedy, CNN Went On-Air and Did UNTHINKABLE."
. Dot "The Idolatry of Environmental Extremism."

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I think these articles are of particular importance.
(I'll leave them posted here indefinitely.)


. Dot "The Open Border Strategy." If the Left succeeds, America's freedom will be lost, probably forever. Please read this article.
. Dot "How Do Civil Wars Happen?" This is so good! I hope you have a chance to read it!
. Dot "Pelosi Explains the WRAP UP SMEAR Tactic Democrats Use." So, we see the Democrats' chief political tactic: lie. I hope this doesn't come as a surprise.
. Dot "Autopsy of a Dead Coup."


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Quotes of Note
Dot "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." -- Josef Goebbels. (Source.)
. . . . . Democrats keep telling us socialism is great.

Dot Drugs are considered to be the best way to destroy the United States . . . by undermining the will of American youth; the enemy is destroyed without firing one bullet. -- Major Juan Rodriguez, Cuban intelligence officer 1988. (Source: Red Cocaine -- The Drugging of America and the West, by Joseph D. Douglass, first published in 1990, page 138.)


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Miscellaneous Image

This week's Miscellaneous Image

(Received in an email dated September 5, 2019. Thanks, Jack.)

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Perhaps of interest

Perhaps of Interest

"One Nation under Allah?"

"Incredibly, Islam continues to be taught in schools while students are being denied the right to bring their Bibles to school and speak about Christianity."

Source: the ACLJ's "Victory Report," November, 2015. (American Center for Law and Justice.)

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Nearing the Moment of Birth

A woman in labor suddenly shouted, "Shouldn't! Wouldn't! Couldn't! Didn't! Can't!"

"Don't worry," the doctor said. "They're just contractions."


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