A Few Words about Black Lives Matter
Fred Gielow
Posted here for August 31, 2020

The road back home
The road back home

We are bombarded with the phrase "black lives matter." Well, of course black lives matter. Whoever said they don't? Obviously, black lives matter! Our Declaration of Independence states quite clearly that all men are "endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." Life! It's an unalienable right!

But now, we're warned that saying "white lives matter" is racist. So, black lives matter, but white lives don't. What?

We're also warned that "blue lives matter" is racist and must never be uttered. You will be shunned if you disobey. You will be penalized. You may lose your job. So, apparently blue lives don't matter.

If a black man is shot by the police, regardless of the facts and circumstances in the case, Black Lives Matter people deem it acceptable to protest. Indeed, that's their right. Let the First Amendment shine! Protest! It's an American citizen's birthright.

But Black Lives Matter isn't that fond of protesting. It's fond of rioting. It's fond of throwing large and small objects at the police. It's fond of injuring police -- both men and women. It's fond of launching explosives (powerful fireworks) at those responsible for maintaining law and order. It's fond of breaking glass windows. It's found of starting fires and burning property. It's fond of destroying property. It's fond of looting. It's fond of lawlessness. It's fond of anarchy.

And lots of Democrats think that's just fine. Let the lawlessness prevail. Let the thugs destroy whatever they wish. Let them vandalize every store and building within sight. Let their mayhem spread wide and far.

And let them do this with no consequences. No arrests. (Or if they are arrested, let them go free immediately.) No accountability. No law and order.

Now, let's take another look at that phrase: "Black lives matter."

Do the continuing deaths of black men shot by other black men in Chicago and so many other cities matter? Well, no. There's no race to protest or riot, or even give such carnage a second thought.

Do the lives of black policemen harmed or killed in the line of duty matter to Black Lives Matter? No. Absolutely not. There's never a mention of those hard-working people.

What about the lives of millions upon millions of blacks who have been aborted? Do those lives matter to Black Lives Matter? Oh, goodness no. Those lives don't matter at all.

And what about the lives of all the blacks who own stores destroyed by Black Lives Matter. Do those lives matter? For all the blacks who've had their lives turned upside down by the looting and arson? For all those blacks who have worked a lifetime to build a business, to provide for their families, to achieve a measure of comfort and success? What about all those lives? Do they matter to Black Lives Matter? Absolutely not.

Do the lives of black conservatives, of black Republicans, of black Trump-supporters matter? Not to Black Lives Matter. Those people are harassed, shouted down, screamed at, frightened, intimidated, and scoffed at. Black Lives Matter people hate them.

I can only conclude that millions of black lives don't matter one whit to Black Lives Matter and to all those who support BLM's cause, fund its activities, and encourage its activism. (Here's a list of some supporting companies.) Black Lives Matter masquerades as an organization dedicated to the betterment of black people, but, a closer look reveals it is an organization dedicated to Marxist principles and to the overthrow of capitalism.