Lyrics to

" Just with a Smile"

A melody and lyrics I've written and sung
to "Ready," by Phil Garrod & Scot Schreer.

Just with a smile, once in a while, to savor --
Sunshine when it's cloudy.
Just with a smile, through trouble and trial,
to brighten my day, send worries away.
That look in your eye, it teases.
I can't deny, it pleases.
It is an art, the way that you melt my heart.
Just with a smile, you charm and beguile.
Just with your style you charm me.

Just with a grin, choirs begin,
I'm in a spin, heaven I'm in.
When I'm with you,
Good times ensue,
Happiness, too.
They all accrue.
These mem'ries I hold.
These blessings unfold.
More treasured than gold

Treasured more than the gold is,
Every ton,
Every diamond,
Every one,
More than life is treasured,
You are treasured,


Lyrics to

" I'm Thankful"

A melody and lyrics I've written and sung
to "There Is the Door," by Jason Silver, from the album "12 Girlfriends."

Time comes, years have slipped by.
Past is gone, and my time is neigh.
So now is the season, now is the hour
To taste the sweet and overlook the sour.

I'm thankful -- for family,
. . . The love they've shown, so constantly.
. . . The kindness, joy, the care, and concern.
. . . A sweetness more than I could ever return.

These family ties make the world go round.
. . . No stronger bond can ever be found.
. . . For love inspires and it warms the heart.
. . . And it keeps the world from blowing apart.

I'm thankful -- for friends that I've had.
. . . The true, blue friendships, I'm, oh, so glad.
. . . They are enriching, inspiring, too.
. . . And friendships last for years and years through.

I'm thankful -- for so many years,
. . . For laughter, smiles, for frowns, and tears.
. . . For through the heartache, the trouble, and toil,
. . . Those golden mem'ries you can never spoil.
. . . Those golden mem'ries – you can never spoil.

I'm so thankful!