Managed Spontaneity
Fred Gielow. Posted here for June 8, 2020.

The road back home
The road back home

If you decide you'd like to have Thanksgiving dinner with some family members, do you hope everyone just happens to be at the same place at the same time ready to eat turkey? Of course not. You do some planning. You get in touch with others, you choose a location, you decide when everyone should be there, and you work out all sorts of other details.

Yet, we're led to believe all the demonstrations and riots we've seen over the years and particularly after the George Floyd death are absolutely spontaneous affairs. People were upset so they gathered together at the same place by absolute coincidence to demonstrate and then to pillage and set fires. And all these things just spontaneously occurred at a number of cities all over the country. And the signs and statements just happened to be the same. And it was a totally uncoordinated expression of frustration and despair.

And it's just coincidence one group decides to march from here to there, another group decides to block a freeway, and another group decides to throw bottles at the police. The people feel justice has not been done, so they collectively decide their only course of action is to perform unjust acts.

That's not how anything happens. This country didn't come into existence spontaneously. People had to come up with ideas, they had to formulate plans, they had to communicate with other people and persuade those people to join the cause.

Wars don't happen out of the blue. People must produce armies, they must determine objectives, they must plan campaigns.

And so it is with demonstrations. There must be instigators, planners, strategists, communicators , and managers. Willing participants must be contacted, they must be transported to the chosen site, they must be instructed about what to do and when to do it, their signs must be made, and everything must be coordinated. And most importantly, all these activities must be financed.

One tip off that all this is pre-planned is that many of the demonstrators/rioters are not local folk, but rather outsiders; people brought in to cause a fuss and make the evening news TV videos more dramatic.

It is alleged the destruction we saw in the George Floyd "demonstrations" was spur-of-the-moment incidents of frustration and rage. They were said to be spontaneous outbreaks of lawlessness. Well, spur-of-the-moment incidents are hardly that, if "protestors" come fully prepared to destroy. In downtown Portland, Oregon, of the "masked militants ransacking the Justice Center, many came prepared with chemicals to start fires and weapons to break windows." (Source.) Sounds to me like destruction was clearly on the agenda.

It should be noted that estimates of the percent of those from out of state who were arrested in riots vary. In Minneapolis during the riots in the last week of May, 2020, for example, President Trump said 80 percent were from out of state. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz said only 20 percent. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said it was more than half. (Source.)

The Charlotte Police Department said 70% of the arrested rioters in Charlotte were 'instigators' from out of State. (Source.)

Remember the 2016 Trump rally in Chicago. There were troublemakers inside and outside the UIC Pavillion where the rally was to take place. They screamed, chanted, and tried to create violence. A March 12, 2016 article by M. Dowling gives insight into the "spontaneous" demonstration that took place. (And into the numerous "demonstrations" that have continued ever since.)
"It's a tactic called the Heckler's Veto. The police had information that they [the troublemakers] were going to rush the stage with Donald Trump on it. No matter how many times this has happened since the first Occupy Wall Street movement in 2009, the media and other politicians don't seem to know who is behind the 'protests' like this one in Chicago. The victim, who in this latest case is Donald Trump, will be blamed. . . .

"It's not simply radicalized college youth who don't even know why they are there. It's the same people who Obama has promoted and who were behind all the other riots and protests since the Obama administration took over.

"The answer is that this is part of the hard left movement. They cause violence and they use the violence to draw support and stop future Republican rallies. . .

"[W]ho was behind the assault on the Trump rally? MoveOn, Occupy Wall Street (yes, it still exists), Anarchists, F**k The Police (FTP), Black Lives Matter (BLM), Assata's Daughters, other outright communist groups, and pro-Islamist, pro-Palestine, anti-Israel groups and open-borders organizations." [Obviously, Antifa is also a big-time player.]
Remember the "spontaneous" demonstrations at JFK International Airport (and other airports around the country) shortly after Donald Trump became president? An article by Asawin Suebsaeng describes them:
"News reports and TV broadcasts about the week's protests described the events as 'spontaneous protests' mounted in response to the Trump administration's travel and immigration executive order.

"But to Make the Road New York, and the groups like it across the country, there was nothing 'spontaneous' about it. As some observers and activists were quick to point out, these grassroots and professional organizers had been waiting and planning for this type of mass, direct action -- ready-made to go viral on social media -- ever since, well, November 9. From the moment Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the general election, they've been anticipating and mapping out their battle plans for Trump's orders on deportations, bans, and detention. . .

"'We have been laying the groundwork for this for a long, long time,' Hatem Abudayyeh, the Chicago-born Palestinian-American and executive director of the Arab American Action Network, told The Daily Beast. 'We partially have infrastructure in place already as an organizing institution that has a lot of relationships with the strongest organizing institutions in Chicago and around the country. We have been having conversations with out allies and friends and attorneys -- we'd been having these conversations before the election.'"
A November 14, 2016 article by Bushrod Washington states:
"Despite what most of the media proclaims, these violent anti-Trump protests are organized and supported by paid operators from groups like ANSWER.

"As several media outlets are reporting, one method of recruiting supporters is to pay them big bucks. They put ads on craigslist websites across the country offering as much as $1,500 per week to be a 'Trump Protester.'"
A September 11, 2016 article by the New Hampshire Review says:
"James O'Keefe pointed out in his successful sting operation of DNC operatives that violence is often staged to maximize media exposure."
A June 1, 2020 article by the Leah Barkoukis says:
"In cities across the U.S. where demonstrations over the death of George Floyd in police custody are taking place, mysterious pallets of bricks are reportedly showing up in parking lots and on street corners, even in areas where there is no constructions take place."
A June 7, 2020 article by Wayne Allyn Root states:
"This is no amateur hour. This was planned, organized, coordinated and funded by our enemies. Thugs are being bussed and flown into big cities to lead riots. Their weapons have been delivered to protest sites ahead of time. And where did all the violent thugs and hooligans come from? The liberal district attorneys (in many cases, put in place by the funding of George Soros and others like him) let the felons out of prison." And now, a couple of headlines:
"Soros-Funded Orgs behind Violent Anti-Trump Protests across America" -- (Source.)

"Fake Protests: Who Is Really behind Well-Orchestrated Anti-Trump Campaign?" -- (Source.)

"Here Are the Radical Leftist Anti-Trump Groups behind the Chicago Protest" -- (Source.)

"What Groups Are Organizing the Donald Trump Protests?" -- (Source.)

"Thousands Attended Protest Organized by Russians on Facebook" -- (Source.)

"Anti-Trump Protests Are Paid and Staged, Craigslist Reveals" -- (Source.)

"Who Is behind the Trump Protests?" -- (Source.)

"Guess Who's Funding the Anti-Trump Protests" -- (Source.)

"Trump 'Protests' Manufactured by Leftist Elites and Manned by Professional Protesters" -- (Source.)

"AG Barr: Riots 'Planned, Organized, and Driven by Anarchistic and Far-Left Extremists, Using Antifa-Like Tactics'" -- (Source.)
So it's quite clear, many -- probably all -- of the "spontaneous" protests, the demonstrations, the millions of dollars of destruction, and the rampant pillage, are not spontaneous at all. They're carefully planned, carefully coordinated, and carefully executed by various leftist groups and organizations. And they're fully funded by these entities as well. And this has been going on for years, surely for a long time before Donald Trump ever came upon the political scene.

And these riots have world-wide consequences. People all around the globe see the destruction and chaos on their TV screens and conclude America is no longer the land of the free. It's now merely another country of violence, lawlessness, and anarchy. And that's another objective of the the riot's organizers.

The key take-away is this: When you see the heart-breaking scenes of fire and anarchy on your TV screen, don't fall for the idea they're a normal reaction to some grave injustice. They're all designed, choreographed, plotted, and planned to fool you. They're carefully crafted by leftists to convince you of something that's not true. They're designed to elicit sympathy while they are actually spreading hate. Their objectives: to demoralize America, to divide it, and ultimately to bring it down.

What' important is this: Our government is under attack and if our leaders can't figure this out, we have no chance of withstanding the attack. Some "leaders" on the left not only refuse to see the danger, they appear eager to not only tolerate the battle, but to actually encourage it.