I Used to Think . . .
by Fred Gielow. Posted here for February 25,2019.

The road back home
The road back home

I used to think the world was wise. Perhaps it used to be.
But now it's gone bananas -- that is what it seems to me.

I used to think that men were men and women, women, too.
But now, we're told that transformations are what we can do.

I used to think that equal justice lived throughout the land.
But now, such justice, clearly, is just not what leftists planned.

I used to think the FBI was worthy of respect.
But now, with scandal and disgrace, the agency's been wrecked.

I used to think that Democrats would not attempt a coup.
But now, it's clear that that's exactly what they planned to do.

I used to think that socialism was the Left's intent.
But now, I know that I was right -- and leftists won't relent.

I used to think we'd all respect our Founders, every one.
But now, we're told our Founders are the ones that we should shun.

I used to think Bob Mueller was a good and decent man.
But now, that's been refuted, since his Trump witch hunt began.

I used to think that freedom was a universal goal.
But now, I see that freedom's not what leftists all extol.

I used to think our leaders would look out for you and me.
But now, I realize that that's a fatal fallacy.

I used to think the media would tell us what was true.
But now, I find that fake news is the only news they spew.

I used to think that leftists did not have such bitter hate.
But now, that seems indeed to be their only major trait.

I used to think no one would say a born child should be killed.
But now, it's just a mother's wish that "ought to be fulfilled."

I used to think free speech was sacred -- say what's on your mind!
But now, by doing so, you can be sent to jail or fined.

I used to think that banning airplanes was a crazy thought.
But now, into this nonsense major Democrats have bought.

I used to think that open borders would be our demise.
But now, that seems to be precisely what the leftists prize.

I used to think that socialism would not be our fate.
But now, I sense the chances of this may indeed be great.

I used to think "white priv'lege" was a concept to pooh-pooh.
But now, I know that is the case, and it is racist, too!

I used to think that love of country is what we embrace.
But now that many hate it, that is something we must face.

I used to think the Left would endure Christianity.
But now, the tolerance is gone; what's left -- pure bigotry.

I used to think that global warming was a fraud and sham.
But now, oh yes, of course it is! It's always been a scam.

I used to think the Democrats would cheer the good Trump's done.
But now, I know that's foolish. Not a word of praise. Not one.

I used to think my liberal friends just hate what Trump will do.
But now, I fear their hatred also extends to me, too.

I used to think our country had a future strong and bright.
But now, I think, with Dems in charge, that thought's no longer right.